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"Pitch Perfect" Review

Circle Contributor

Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated: Monday, October 29, 2012 16:10

Pitch Perfect

"Pitch Perfect," may not be a perfect film, but it is still an entertaining "chick-flick".

   “Pitch Perfect” is a new musical comedy by Jason Moore that follows the lives of several college students competing in a high-stakes a cappella competition. Although the film isn’t wholly original or deeply satisfying, it is a perfectly respectable "chick-flick" that fits perfectly with our pop-cultural obsession with musical dramedies.

   However, despite an obvious attempt at riding off the success of “Glee,” Pitch Perfect”is going to alienate a portion of its audience with its soundtrack. While a lot of a cappella programs diversify their soundtracks, modern music dominates the scene here. Additionally, the film seems to act as an inside joke to a cappella enthusiasts. For example, saying “a ca-“ before asking a question (“aca-scuse me?”) is funny maybe once…here it’s extended to a running gag.

   Another issue that “Pitch Perfect” suffers from is ill-advised casting. The likeable Anna Kendrick, already known to young audiences for her roles in the “Twilight”saga, fits well enough, but the 27 year old hardly passes for a college freshman. Additionally, there are a couple of occasions in which actresses are shoehorned into the film, playing characters that are hastily introduced with little to no introduction.

   However, despite a few curious casting choices, Kay Cannon’s (producer of “New Girl”) has developed a stable set of fairly unique and believable lead characters. In addition to Kendrick’s Becca, we’re introduced to “Fat Amy,” played by Rebel Wilson, who’s slowly becoming the female Zach Galifianakis. While I found Wilson annoying in “Bridesmaids,”her awkwardness and hilarious one-liner deliveries truly made “Fat Amy” a memorable character. Anna Camp and Brittany Snow appear as the seniors of the team, who add some much need emotion and heart into the group.

   For a chick flick, “Pitch Perfect”is actually pretty tolerable. So while I’m not exactly giving “Pitch Perfect”a perfect review, it does hit its notes at time. Whether it’s a film that was made for you, that’s for you to decide.

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