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MTV’S MADE tryouts come to Marist campus

Staff Writer

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Updated: Friday, February 17, 2012 17:02

   Do you dream of becoming a movie star, singer or to simply score an amazing internship in the city?   

   When MTV's MADE producers came to Marist College on Feb. 8, those were the exact types of dreams that they planned on making come true for one student.

   In the show MADE, MTV finds one person who they "make" into anything that person wants to be. Past episodes have shown geeky boys becoming "ladies' men" or shy girls becoming confident cheerleaders.

   Although most of the episodes that have run in the past have been about teens becoming famous or more confident, rumor has it that MTV is going in a different direction for this next episode.

   According to student Kerianne Caprara, "MTV is going in a different direction this year. They're looking for college students who have career related dreams such as finding internships."

   The auditions that took place on Feb. 8 had about one hundred and twenty people audition in only two hours.

   Unfortunately, not all students were able to audition.

   However, according to Vice President of Student Affairs, Deborah DiCaprio, "MTV's casting producer Alison Labanoski says that there is a chance that MTV will come back to audition more people at Marist very soon."

   During auditions, students had 15 to 20 minutes to pitch their idea to the MTV producers of what they wanted to be "made" into.

   DiCaprio said that "if MTV believes that someone from Marist College was creative and intriguing enough, they will come back and audition that student again."

   However, this second audition may be a bit more challenging, as it will require the student to audition in front of a camera.

   This has not been the first time that Marist College has received a visit from MTV.

   Because of Marist College's close distance to the city, MTV has come here many times in the past to give students audition opportunities to achieve their dreams, DiCaprio said.

   "They will definitely come back for other auditions, I'm sure. They usually do," she said. "This is just a great opportunity for the Marist students and I'm glad MTV decided to come here once again."

   Only time will tell if one Marist College student will be closer to achieving his or her dreams with the help of an MTV callback. 

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