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Snap Chat becomes new app phenomenon

Circle Contributor

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 15:11


We all walk around campus with our heads in our smart phones and our minds in all different directions. With the popularity of the IPhone and Android phones increasing, many apps are available in which you can socialize smartphone-to-smartphone with your friends. Some of the most known social media apps include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Gifboom; just to name a few.

            Another app that is growing in popularity around the Marist College campus as well as throughout the country is Snap chat. Snap chat is another app that allows smartphone users to communicate with each other through Facebook, Twitter, or your contact list.

            Snap chat was founded Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. The Stanford University graduated created the app for a product design project. Since the release of in September of 2011 the popularity of Snap chat has progressively increased. Approximately fifteen million snaps are sent everyday.

            Sending your friends funny, humiliating pictures is always amusing. Danielle DeMario, A sophomore here at Marist explains that the limited time frame of the pictures you send is what makes Snap chat so appealing.


            “I like Snap chat because I can send embarrassing pictures to my friends knowing that they can’t save them.”


            Well, that is exactly what Snap chat is for. Snap chat allows you to send any kind of photo to your friends for a time frame of your choosing without the capability of them saving it. Once a picture is viewed, you cannot view it again.

            This addicting app allows for quick interactions between friends. The convenience of Snap chat also helps your message get across more efficiently. Since the images are absent after a few seconds, more openness is evident and rids friends of an “online identity” that is often found on social media such as Facebook. Overall, Snap chat is a positive form of social media. When used between friends, it allows us to stay connected while maintaining our legitimate personal image. Snap chat definitely stands out from other forms of social media; however, it is possible that its popularity will soon fade out such as many other apps have experienced.


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