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The Mediterranean Diet

Allie Zoll explains the pros and cons of the Mediterranean diet

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crop top

How to wear crop tops

Erika Thompson describes different ways that crop tops can be worn in a fashionable way.

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The evolution of sex education

Alyssa Rossi discusses how sex education has changed over the years.

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The barre workout

Allie Zoll tells Marist students about the barre workout, a revolutionary way to tone your body.

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teddy bear

A message to all future Marist commuters

Michael D'Addario has a message for any student who will be commuting to Marist in the future.

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The do's and don'ts of spring break

Alyssa takes a break from writing about sex to informing Marist students of what to do and what not to do while on vacation.

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Recognizing Eating Disorder Awareness Month

Elena Eberwein discusses the signs and symptoms of eating disorders. 

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Commuter's guide to great driving music

Michael D'Addario shares his driving music preferences with the Marist community.

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Elena Eberwein uncovers the mystery of Normcore, the latest trend in fashion.

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Creative ways to make money in college

Julia Mullaney offers students tips on easy and innovative ways to make money if you do not have an on or off-campus job.

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Just say no way to non-consensual sex

Alyssa Rossi discusses the meaning of consent when it comes to the difference between consensual sex and rape.

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Uncovering the hidden gems of Poughkeepsie

Commuter Michael D'Addario shares some of his favorite restaurants with the Marist community that may not be known by the on-campus students.

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body butter

Dry Skin Remedies

Corinna Wong helps students treat their dry skin.

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Special K bar

How to stay energized

Julia Mullaney gives students tips on how to keep their energy up during a long day.

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cleaning supplies

The chore of keeping your house clean

Emily Houston helps students devise a plan with their housemates for how to tackle the dreaded chore of keeping their houses clean.

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Commuters struggle to find parking in the snow

Michael D'Addario brings #CommuterProblems to life following the recent snow overload at Marist.

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google glass

How Google Glass can be used during sex

Alyssa Rossi breaks down the new app "Sex with Google Glass"

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New York Fashion Week sets the trends for fall

Jillian Moffa informs us of what is fashionable for the fall.

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The importance of makeup cleanliness

Talia Acosta explains the importance of keeping your makeup brushes clean to protect your skin from irritation and infection.

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Finding the perfect balance

Bernadette Hogan offers advice to students on how to find the perfect balance between work, sports, clubs and a social life. 

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Valentine's Day does not have to be a struggle this year

Darriel McBride provides students with an overview of how to shop for your significant other this Valentine's Day.

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Make healthy meals, get healthy deals

Emily Houston gives students simple ideas for meals and snacks that are healthy and wallet-friendly.

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Getting back on track after winter break

Clancy Burke helps students get back into their college routine after the 5 week winter break.

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What it's like to be a Marist commuter

Michael D'Addario introduces his new column, which will focus on the ups and downs of being a commuter student at Marist College.

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Five things you should never do in bed

Alyssa Rossi reviews 5 sexual scenarios posed by "Cosmo".

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Holiday gift giving without the stress

Jasmine Guerine offers students tips on how to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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Dorm decorating for the holidays

Julia Mullaney offers tips on how to decorate your dorm room for the holiday season.

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How to get ahead

Emily Burnham provides students with the information they need to take full advantage of all resources offered at Marist.

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Guide to Holiday Eating

Emily Belfiore gives students tips on how to control your food cravings this holiday season.

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What We're Going to Call "Vitamin O"

Alyssa Rossi examines the health benefits of "Vitamin O".

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How to accessorize in the cold weather

Amanda Fiore tells students how they can dress to impress even when it's cold out.

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Avoiding end of the semester laziness

Emily Houston offers tips on how students can avoid laziness as the weather gets colder and the days get darker.

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Eliminate Registration Stress

Emily Houston helps students plan out their registration day for spring classes.

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Nail Art

Amanda Fiore gives the girls at Marist tips on how to use nail art as a way to express yourself.

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DIY Dorm Decorating

Corinna Wong offers students great ideas for dorm decorating.

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pumpkin seeds

Healthy Fall Snacks

Lauren Fodera gives students healthy alternatives to try in place of their fall guilty pleasure foods. 

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At least 2,100 of you should read this

Alyssa Rossi explains five different approaches to contraception.

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How to work out like a Marist athlete

Nadia Ahmed explains how to get in shape like the Marist athletes through quick and easy steps.

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How to overcome roommate awkwardness

Emily Burnham gives steps to help Marist students befriend their roommates.

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Halloween costumes inspired by pop culture

Emily Belfiore tells Marist students the best Halloween costumes inspired by pop culture this year.

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Transitioning from FFE to the Marist campus

Elena Eberwein explains how she has made the transition from being a student in the Freshmen Florence Experience to being a sophomore on campus.

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Deciphering girl and guy codes at Marist

Amanda Fiore attempts to crack the codes of girls and guys at Marist.

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Long-distance relationship survival guide

Nadia Ahmed offers advice on how to make your long-distance relationship work.

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What to do if you are being "sexiled"

Alyssa Rossi offers five guidelines to follow if you are being "sexiled" by your roommate.

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Fall beauty is all about personality

Emily Houston updates Marist students on the popular hairstyles and makeup trends for fall.

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Alternative ways to exercise

Kelly Smith gives students innovative ideas to get exercise, besides going to the gym.

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Caramel Apples

Delicious recipes to try this fall

Julia Mullaney shares the most popular recipes to try this fall. 

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UTI: Universal Technical Institute or...

Sexual health columnist Alyssa Rossi outlines how to avoid getting a urinary tract infection.

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Be a fashion forward male this fall

Julia Mullaney offers the males at Marist several ways to be fashionable in the cool weather.

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fashion week

Following the trends of NY Fashion Week

Corinna Wong analyzes the hottest fashion trends for the upcoming seasons from New York Fashion Week.

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The benefits and dangers of detoxing

Cathryn Vaccaro weighs the pros and cons of juice cleanses.

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Protein Bar

The new craze over protein-enriched foods

Amanda Fiore describes the positives and negatives of eating protein-enriched foods. 

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How to be fashion forward this fall

Amanda Fiore reviews several inexpensive stores at the Poughkeepsie Galleria where Marist students can buy the latest fashions.

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Romantic date ideas for Marist students

Deana Hasandjekaj offers several date ideas to Marist students.

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Helpful habits to stay healthy this spring

Adam Stirpe offers tips to students for maintaining good health during the spring season.

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The amazing advantages of becoming a vegan

Amanda Fiore explains the benefits of adopting a vegan diet.

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A Review of Resume Writing

Amanda Fiore offers tips to students for writing the perfect resume.

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Advice for creating a harmonious household

Allison Bolch offers advice to students for choosing housemates for next semester.

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Spring Break

Planning a priceless spring break

Amber Case gives students alternative ways to spend their spring break.

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Curing post-blizzard boredom

With no class, a blizzard offers students the great opportunity to have some extra time. Deana offers students ideas of how to fill that time and avoid being bored f

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Smart decisions about sex

College is a time of experimentation and big decisions. A big decision, besides which major, can be whether or not to have sex. Amber Case offers students some things to think about before they decide.

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Floral Dress

Innovative and influential pieces for spring

As winter begins to end, sweaters will be swapped for more spring fashions. This spring expect flowers and traditional Far East influences to be incorporated into pieces.

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Smart snacking for students on the go

The lifestyle of a college student is one that is non-stop. Sometimes nutrition takes a backseat, however, Shannon Bales offers students tips on how to snack smartly that can keep students healthy.

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Dangers of college domestic violence

You may not think it could happen to you. However, domestic violence in young couples' relationships is extremely common. Stephaine Salvador gives signs and tips on how to deal with domestic violence in a relationship.

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Get in shape with the women's basketball team

The Marist women's basketball team is one of the most accomplished teams on campus. Cathryn Vaccaro gets the inside scoop from Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jon Clancy on the girls' workouts and what you can do to improve your own workout.

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Celebrating single's awareness day

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers! Amber Case gives single ladies and men ideas to celebrate an "alternative" Valentine's Day.

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Fun and functional winter fashions

With the cold warmth seems most important, however it is still possible to be fashion forward and warm with these helpful tips by Amber Case.

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Winter beauty battles

The weather during the cold winter months can be harsh, especially on the skin. Amanda Fiore offers students tips on how to keep their skin protected from the wind, cold and snow.

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From old-fashioned dating to relaxed relationships

Dating in college has certainly changed, from old-fashioned dating to relationships out of hookups, Allison Bolch talks to students to find out what they think.

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New Year

Methods to maintain resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are hard to keep, Amanda Fiore gives tips on how to make sure you keep those resolutions. 

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Eating like hunter-gatherers: The paleo diet

Alex Speiss

The Paleo Diet has gathered many followers recently, Alex Speiss tells students what it's about and gives his own experience.

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Dealing with depression this winter

Kyle Hannafin

Feeling depressed during the winter months is common for many students, Kyle Hannafin gives students ways to battle those winter blues.

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Guide to gift giving this holiday season

Caroline Crocco

With the holidays approaching, this holiday gift guide gives great shopping tips and ideas for all this holiday!

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Transformation of the tattoo trend

Cathryn Vaccaro

The perception of tattoos over the past year have changed greatly, with tattoos becoming more accepted in society and even in the workplace, sparking many to get more tattoos.

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Guide to a guilt-free Thanksgiving feast

Emily Schleider

Making a few changes to your diet on Thanksgiving can help you to not overeat, but still enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.

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Sexual health

Figuring out your sexual freedom in college

Amanda Fiore

College life comes with a lot of big decisions, including the decision to becoming sexually active.

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Focusing on Fashionable Foxes at Marist

Deana Hasandjekaj

Marist 'N Vogue Facebook page was created by Communications student, Emelia Lartey to showcase Marist's fashionable student body.

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Maxi Skirt

Mastering the maxi skirt

Erika Thompson

Mastering the look of the maxi skirt is possible! Erika Thompson finds student, Anne Preis who proves how versatile and flattering the maxi skirt can be.

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Frights, festivals and fairs this fall in the Hudson Valley

Emily Schleider

Emily Schleider offers unique fall activities that are sure to spook, stuff and surprise Marist students.

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Edgy Look

So long pale pinks and pearls, hello smoky shades and spikes

Erika Thompson

Pearls are being traded for spikes as the tough, edgy look makes its way into fashion. Student Chloe Havercroft pulls off the tough edgy look with her studded boots and dark colors.

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breast cancer

Pink October for cancer awareness

Amanda Fiore

October is breast cancer awareness month, find out how the Hudson Valley is raising awareness.

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Stay fit this winter without hitting the gym

Emily Schleider

With the cold weather approaching and the gym becoming more crowded, Emily Schleider offers ways to exercise without having to hit the gym.

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Treats that may trick you this Halloween

Lauren Fodera

As Halloween approaches the temptation of candy is all around us! Find out what candy can trick your or treat you this Halloween.

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Typical and trendy costumes for Halloween

Amber Case

If you are having trouble deciding what to be this year for Halloween, Amber Case offers classical and popular costumes to try this Halloween.

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Yoga helps Red Foxes relax

Emily Schleider

Red Fox Enrichment offers yoga classes to students which are great for any student who wants to de-stress and get exercise.

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Frights, festivals and fairs this fall in the Hudson Valley

Emily Schleider

Emily Schleider offers unique fall activities that are sure to spook, stuff and surprise Marist students.

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Campus Creed Website

Use Campus Creed for your partying needs

Haylee Caravalho

Campus Creed, a new site created for Marist students offers up the "hot spots" for the night as well as a place for students to communicate.

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Colored Jeans

Color your world: Jewel-toned jeans

Erika Thompson

Colored jeans are not just for summer, Dana Foucault brings colored jeans into the fall by adding different fall pieces.

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Leather Jacket

Look to the leather jacket for a timeless look

Erika Thompson

Erika Thompson finds student, Mike McClatchey successfully pulling off the fall classic look, the leather jacket.

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RFE programs for rockin' red foxes

Margaret Bruetsch

Margaret Bruetsch reviews one of the Red Fox Enrichment Programs that Marist College has to offer to students.

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Look of the Week

Dress it up, dress it down: the denim shirt look

Erika Thompson

Freshman, Kelsey Bradley catches Erika Thompson's eye as she pulls of the comfortable, denim shirt look.

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Marrisa Wilson

Spotlight on sophomore student fashion designer Marrisa Wilson

Cathryn Vaccaro

Cathryn Vaccaro highlights one of Marist's own student fashion designers, Marrisa Wilson.

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Communicating and connecting with smart social media

Emily Houston

Social media has become a way to connect and communicate with people. Emily Houston explores the ways to do this safely and in a smart way.

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Apple Picking

Off-campus options for friends and families for Family Weekend

Melina Parrello

Melina Parrello offers students alternative activities for families to do while visiting for Family Weekend.

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Welcome Week

Helpful hints for fearful freshmen

Melina Parrello

As freshman, many of us come in with certain expectations of college. However, there are some things that are helpful for freshman to know about the college experience. From her own experience, Melina Parrello gives freshmen things she wishes she knew coming to Marist.

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Cool concepts for colder temperatures this fall season

Olivia Panno

As summer comes to a close, and the temperature starts to fall, sweaters and jackets make their way into closets. Olivia Panno talks about what you should have in your closet this fall season.

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Text Message

Recommendations for a long-distance romance

Amanda Fiore

As students make their journey to college, one precious thing is often not packed: their partner. Amanda Fiore offers couples advice on how to keep the relationship going even if they are miles apart.

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"Drunkorexia": Cutting calories for booze and bucks

Ashley Lampman

Many college students have unknowingly participated in this popular diet trend across college campuses, eating less in order to save cash and calories for partying. Ashley Lampman talks about the college diet fad, "drunkorexia".

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Prepare to face finals with these practical pointers

Deana Hasandjekaj

Deana Hasandjekaj provides students with helpful hints to help them prepare for finals.

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Mohonk Preserve

Exploring the high peaks of the Hudson River Valley

By Ashley Lampman

Ashley Lampman finds great ways for students to enjoy the weather and beauty of the Hudson River Valley.

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Marvin Gaye

Sexual Healing: Let's get it on one more time

By Rachael Shockey

Rachael Shockey reflects on her experiences as writer of her column, "Sexual Healing".

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50 Shades of Grey

Sexual Healing: Facing freaky fantasies

By Rachael Shockey

Rachael Shockey talks about addressing and coming to terms with your sexual fantasies, no matter what they are.

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Wild ways to heal your health problems and put off the pounds

Ashley Lampman

Ashley Lampman looks at the extreme measures people are willing to take to lose weight and get healthy.

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Boss nametag

Make big bucks this summer being your own boss

Amanda Ippolito

Amanda Ippolito offers students a fun and productive way to make money this summer.

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Basketball bracket

March madness makes it way to Marist College

Stephanie Gomez

Stephanie Gomez finds out how Marist students celebrate colleges' most exciting sporting event of the spring season.

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Coral Dress

Ditch chunky sweaters for cropped tops, corals and cool-blues this spring

Amanda Ippolito

Amanda Ippolito gives an overview of fashion trends that are likely to be seen this upcoming spring.

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Fantastic Fat Tuesday Festivities

Amanda Ippolito

Amanda Ippolito offers ideas of recipes to try and events to attend in celebration of Mardi Gras.

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Pinterest pin board

Pinterest's rise into social networking big leagues

Shawna Gillen

Shawna Gillen explores social networking's newest addition, Pinterest.

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Sexual Healing: How to fearlessly level-up your sex life

Rachael Shockey reviews the website http://MojoUpgrade, a free, interactive sex survey to help open up communication between partners.

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Sexual Healing: Dealing with White Stuff This Winter

   In the swiftly approaching frigid months, blow jobs can double as an exhilarating way to warm up and as a wallet-friendly holiday gift. There exists a great deal of social pressure for givers of blow jobs to swallow their partners' semen, but the reality is that it is a choice that should be left entirely to oneself. Full story

Steps to Clean Out the Throttle Body Under Your Car’s Hood

   The words throttle, accelerator and gas pedal are all common synonyms that refer to the same car part; but one term implies a false connotation about its function. "Gas pedal" is somewhat of a misnomer, according to http://howstuffworks. Full story

Tell-all Tips for Ideal Interns

   Starting in high school, students are told how to succeed and how to make a career for themselves. No one tells them how to get there, just what needs to get done and what needs to be accomplished to get the inevitable j-o-b after graduation. Full story

The Quest for Asian Cuisine in the Hudson Valley Ends Here

   Weekends are too short for a college student to find time to enjoy themselves. Sleeping in leads to fewer opportunities to go out and indulge in food at a new restaurant, especially if a Red Fox plans on hitting the bars. For me, the journey to find a restaurant for my old-school Vietnamese family to eat this upcoming May ends at Wappinger Buffet in Wappingers Falls, N. Full story

Nicki Minaj

Black People: On Putting XX(X) in Hip-Hop.

   In a recent interview, Nicki Minaj shared her perception of the nature of hip-hop, and said, "You can't come into this business thinking it's all about music. It's a business." Popular rappers know this, underground and indie rappers know it, but women seeking to broach the predominantly male arena of hip-hop are intimate with this truth in an entirely different way. Full story

corn rows

Black People: On the Pursuit of Nappyness

   Hair does not equal feminine identity. Hair is, in fact, only one of the many things that help society gauge "femaleness." But in a society where femaleness means assimilation to a Eurocentric ideal of beauty, and also to a submissive nature, is there any room for the Afro?    Hair is an aspect of identity many women are made to confront. Full story


Sexual Healing: Making a grown-up decision about Gardasil

Rachael Shockey weighs facts and opinions on preventative human papillomavirus vaccines.

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Sexual Healing: T’is the Season for Sweetened Sensuality

   The Halloween season has many of us desperate to relive the thrill of receiving pounds of candy for the price of a vampire costume from Target and a cute, toothless smile. No matter how awesome The Chance promises to make its Halloween bash this weekend, it's difficult not to envy those who, come Monday night, will be getting dropped off costume-clad at the private, gated neighborhoods (the Halloween goldmines) in their towns, where the tenants hand out jumbo-sized Crunch bars and smaller candy bars by the fistful. Full story

Black People: On fried chicken

There is very possibly an elephant in the room. Or, more appropriately, a bucket of chicken. But who else is there in that room? You know it. If you've ever walked by a Popeye's, or been privy to a few recent and very strange domestic and international public disasters, you know it. Full story

Indian taco

Weekly Valley Cafe gains enthusiasts

Dan Scofield

The Valley Cafe, held every Tuesday in the Cabaret, may just be Marist's best kept culinary secret. 

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gluten-free cupcakes

Chinese buffet blunders and gluten-free wonders

Nguyen Pham

Nguyen Pham reviews dinner fare at a local Chinese buffet and dessert at two gluten-free-friendly vendors.

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Sexual Healing: Anxiety over audible intimacy

Rachael Shockey

Rachael Shockey discusses the hang-ups that young adults have over being vocal during sex.

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Lady in Red: Fashion tips

Casey Galasso

Casey Galasso shares a wallet-savvy fall fashion tip

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A local survey of the perfect college crave food

Gail Goldsmith

Gail Goldsmith suggests local vendors that will add a little more color to your wing nights. 

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Lady in Red

Advice for freshmen, and any student, who struggles with the never-ending conflict of roommate vs. partner. 

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Sexual Healing: Erogenous expeditions

Students should experiment with how (or how not to) get in touch with their partner's erogenous zones. 

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Sexual Healing: Tips for safe(r), more satisfying sexting

For those who choose to brave the cyber risks of sexting, here are some tips on how to do it right.

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Sexual Healing: Make homework time sextra productive

Rachael Shockey suggests sexual study habits to improve your partner sex and your productivity.

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