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Marist Receives Record Number of Applicants

Published: Thursday, February 17, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 11:06

Marist College's popularity is ever growing. This year the number of applications received was a record 11,000, an increase from 9,198 in 2008 and 10,004 in 2010. In 1998, 54.1 percent of applicants to Marist were accepted. Five years ago, the college accepted 47-49 percent of the students who applied. Sean Kaylor, who has been the Vice President of Admission and Enrollment Planning at Marist since 1998, provided this data.

"This academic year the percentage of students who have been accepted was only 36 percent," Kaylor said.

The Admissions Office at Marist reviews thousands of applications and as early as December, high school seniors are notified of their early decision acceptance and the regular decision applicants are informed of their favorable reception starting in the middle of March. It takes 16 people to look at all the applications received over the course of three months.

Kaylor is quite familiar with the admissions process with more than 13 years of experience. In the past 10 years, based on the numbers shared by Kaylor, Marist has become a more appealing and desirable college among high school seniors looking to pursue higher education. Marist has become more difficult to gain entrance into and the Admissions Office is much more selective on the type of student they are accepting.

"Basically we are looking for the best students academically," Kaylor said, "but also ones who will be involved in their college. Every year about 15 percent of the applicants have an impressive background with course curriculum, grades, SAT scores and extracurricular activities."

Marist will accept 3,200-3,300 students this year, or roughly 30 percent of all applicants. The number of applicants who will actually enroll is slightly over 1,000.

"We want to know ahead of time if the student will get involved in activities or just sit around in his or her dorm room," Kaylor said. "The selection process is a very difficult undertaking. Marist is looking for students who will interact with their college and help build a community by joining activities and playing sports while also getting good grades, but we can't always figure out who those students are when looking at pieces of paper."

There are many reasons why Marist is receiving so many applications and Kaylor is confident Marist has a winning formula.

"The location of our campus, the technology in the classrooms, the success of our alumni, our low faculty-student ratio, the internship opportunities, abroad programs, and students going back to their high schools and spreading the word about Marist are all factors that make it a choice school," Kaylor said. "But the large number of applications does make the decision process more challenging for the admissions office.

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