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Meet the 2012-2013 SGA e-board

News Editor

Published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 22:05

As the academic school year comes to a close, many on-campus clubs and organizations begin to transition in newly elected officers for next year. The Student Government Association, or SGA, is no exception to this annual occurrence. With Paul DiBlasi and Brian Gelok officially winning the student body president and executive vice president positions, a wide array of executive board positions and other elected spots were left to be filled, and with new SGA administrations come new student leaders that represent the student body. Meet some of the 2012-2013 SGA board.

Meet Luis Castillo, the Vice President of Club Affairs.

Major/minor, and year of graduation: “I am a Criminal Justice and Spanish double major.  I plan on graduating during the May 2013 ceremonies.”

Nickname: “I have been called Louis, little Spanish man, baby Jesus, Puertorican (though I am of Dominican descent), and I am the self-proclaimed ‘Spanish hurricane.’”

Why he got involved in SGA: “I was my high school's student body president and knew that before I left Marist, I had to get involved in SGA.”

Looking ahead: “I plan on making all clubs have transparent communication with the college.”

Secret weapon in the office: “I do not bite around the bushes.  I am straight to the point.  I will put you in your place when need be.  Plus, if I have to find a student, I will. I do not like waiting.”

Favorite thing to do in the SGA office: “Probably listening in on other people's conversations. Other than  that, making sure that people that ask questions about clubs get the right  answers.”

Fun fact: “Latin music is my favorite. I love sports, and I love to dance and I  am very outgoing.”

Meet Lauren Carrozza, the Vice President of Student Programming.

Major/minor, and year of graduation: “I am a business administration major with an emphasis in marketing and a double minor in communication studies and Italian. I'm graduating in 2014.”

Why she got involved in SGA/SPC: “I have been a general member in SPC since I came to Marist. In the spring of my freshman year, I joined the executive board of SPC as publicity officer. This past March, I transitioned to president.  I love being in SPC and how involved it has allowed me to be my first two years at Marist, and I am especially excited to now be a part of Student Government. The main reason that I decided to take on this position was because I truly love my school and my responsibility for the majority of the on-campus programming.”

Looking ahead: “This upcoming academic year, I hope to work with the rest of the DiBlasi administration to enhance  everyone's experience here at Marist. I want to know the opinions of students, what they want to change about our school and what they expect of us in the future.”

Secret weapon in the office: “Pressure. I need to be under pressure to get things done, and I need deadlines.”

Favorite thing to do in the SGA office: “I actually get homework done in the office a lot of the time. It's a nice change of scenery from the library or my room, and there are always people in there to keep me company. I also like to waste time and make posters or decorate the office. Most recently I made lovely labels for the SPC mailboxes instead of doing work.”

Fun fact: “I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. At home I go there several times a week (sometimes more than once a day) and I really wish there was one closer to Marist! My favorite drink there is the caramel almond iced latte, and you have to ask for extra almond syrup. That makes it so much better.”

Meet Jane Tracy, the Senate Speaker.

Major/minor, and year of graduation: “I am an English major with a concentration in writing and secondary education. I have minors in psychology and creative writing. My year of graduation is 2014.”

Why she got involved in SGA: “I first got involved in SGA back in the beginning of my freshman year as a junior senator.  I heard about the position through a few friends and thought it would be a great way to learn more about what students want at Marist. From there, I ran for a seat in the senate because I felt I could represent and be the voice for student concerns.”

Looking ahead: “I hope to run an amazing senate team for next year! I believe my team and I can work effectively on a variety of committees and projects that will bring positive change to the Marist community.”

Secret weapon in the office: “My newfound ability to ask for help. When you work as a team, it’s important to know that there are other people there who are always willing to lend a helping hand. If I worked on everything by myself without any help, I don’t think I would get nearly as much done.”

Favorite thing to do in the SGA office: “In the SGA office, I truly enjoy answering students’ questions and hearing  their concerns. I absolutely love when a student comes into the office with something to say.”

Pranks in the office: “Personally, I’ve never pulled a prank on anyone in the office, but I know a certain class president who enjoys taking apart my Senate speaker gavel and leaving it in pieces in my mailbox.”

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