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SGA gears up for 2012-13 school year with new plans, priorities

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Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Updated: Saturday, September 22, 2012 20:09

Editor's note: The original posting of this story contained two errors. Erica Jordan, the Director of the Elections Commission, plans the freshman class elections, not Rebecca Snodgrass and Steven Sabato, as originally reported. The original story also said that according to Executive Vice President Brian Gelok SGA had confirmed the use of a discount card system. According to SGA, Gelok did not say this and the discount cards have not been confirmed. We apologize for these errors.


As another school year begins, the Student Government Association (SGA) and its officers have their hands full with many on-campus happenings and are preparing for the upcoming year, as well making a few changes to the organization.

First on SGA’s docket are the freshman class elections.

The election process began this week with mandatory information sessions, where candidates gathered information about running and spoke with the election committee. Once a candidate attends a session, they are allowed to begin campaigning.

Speech night will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. in the Performing Arts Room. Voting will take place online from Sept. 24-26. Marist will post a link on its homepage to direct students to the voting website.

Election results will be announced the following Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the town hall meeting.

One overriding change to the SGA this year is the changing of the organization’s priorities.

“This year we made a conscious shift to move from an event planning organization to one that focus more on advocacy,” Student Body President Paul DiBlasi said.

Moreover, SGA will be overseeing events rather than planning them.

“As for events from student government, we’re mainly focusing on the club leadership seminar [and] the freshman class elections info sessions,” DiBlasi said. “But beyond that, events are really gonna lie under the SPC.”

As president, DiBlasi is often involved in a number of programs. A new program DiBlasi is currently working on is arranging for a bus that will transport students back to Long Island for Thanksgiving break, as there has been a large student demand for it. 

SGA is also in the process of scouting locations for more outdoor recreational spaces, specifically an outdoor basketball space.    

Along with these changes, SGA’s biggest goal this year is to make the organization more friendly and inviting. 

“One of our big goals was to make student government a more friendly organization, a more open organization,” Gelok said. “We want people to bring their concerns straight to us.”

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