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Surviving romantic relationships in college

Circle Contributor

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 09:04



   As the end of the school year is approaching, it is both a good and bad thing for a person in a relationship. It is good because the stress is ending, yet bad because you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will be separated for good chunks of time during the summer. Whether you are single or in a relationship with someone from Marist, I will give you tips on finding or maintaining your relationship when May approaches.

     As a person who found a boyfriend here, I have prior experience with having a relationship during the school year. Because it is college and you’re on your own, you have the ability to spend as much time as possible with your partner. In my case, this point is very true. We have every meal together and spend almost every part of the day with each other. I see many other couples around who do the same thing. Many people who are in relationships here are always together. The bad thing about this though is over the summer if you are an hour or more apart, you won’t be able to see them nearly as often as you do at school. During the summer, both people in the relationship will most likely have jobs or internships so it is very different. Video chatting and texting them everyday becomes similar to a long distance relationship. People here who are in a strong relationship tend to go out together on weekends and spend a lot of time together. You can tell if people are in a weaker relationship if they are not together a lot, do not hold hands or show each other affection, or go out separately often times on weekends. This shows that the relationship is either an open one or is just having issues. Over the summer, if you’re in a relationship here at Marist, my best advice to give is to keep in contact with the person every day and find time to see each other.If you will be single over the summer and will be missing Marist because of your friends, or a crush, here are some ways to tell whether to pursue someone or not:

·         Will it last? Say you meet a person you are attracted to over the summer-at a job, at the beach, or even on a vacation. When meeting a person you potentially want to date, think about if it’ll end up working out. If the person does not live too far away from you and would be ok with long distance if the relationship becomes serious, you should definitely look into it. Also be sure to decide if you’re ready for a serious commitment.

·         Decide what you want! If you just want a fun summer fling, just go for it. However, if you are looking for something serous, follow the advice above. If you have a fling, the benefits is that there is no long distance involved so you are welcome to pursue someone in the school year that goes to Marist.

·         Just have fun! Go to work, go to parties, just have fun. The best advice I can give is to be content with your friends and your life and a guy will appear out of nowhere when you least expect it. Don’t look for a relationship or fling, just let it happen

·         Single is fun too! Sometimes it is better off being single than pursuing a serious relationship, especially when you’re in college and very busy during the academic year. Don’t worry about finding a guy. Don’t get down and focus on your future, friends, and family

 If you’re in a relationship, single, or looking for a relationship, don’t sweat it. Summer is a time for relaxation and getting away from the stresses that college puts on all of us.

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