Trouble in ParaDYES

Dear Ms. Marist,

I’m looking really boring right now and I really want to dye my hair, any thoughts?


Dear Trouble in ParaDYE, 

Before you start, I’m punny, I know this.

Now, I do have a thought on your hair, I have many as a matter of fact. The first thoughts are questions. What does your hair look like? How long is it? What color? What is your skin tone and eyebrow color? What color are your eyes? What do you look like? What even constitutes “boring looking”?

Well, since this is an advice column and The Circle’s budget can’t afford individual portals into the minds of our readers, I’ll just give advice the best way I know how; anonymously.

I have always had dirty blonde hair. When I was younger, it was straight and bleach blonde and as I got older, it darkened at the roots and became slightly curly. Because my hair was always lighter on the bottom, people have been assuming since I was in sixth grade that I am a bottle blonde. When I was in eleventh grade, I began to get highlights to make my hair look blonder and more natural. Since then, I have been addicted to making my hair lighter and lighter. I’m at the point where I am just below platinum blonde, and I don’t know that I can be stopped. Stay tuned.

I also just drastically cut my hair and got layers because I too found myself “boring looking” and simply in need of a change. Life is boring when you are always staying the same, right?

For article’s sake, I’m going to assume the information I gathered from the first unreliable source I came across on the internet is true: about 90% of the human population is brunette, or a variation of it.

When it comes to dying your hair, it’s important to know your natural coloring and what goes best with your roots and your eyebrows. Remember, darker roots have become a trend thanks to the Kardashians, so they are not always necessarily a bad thing. However, bad highlights are always a bad thing. There is nothing worse than a hair dye that looks like it was homemade. If you want to dye your hair, spend the extra cash and get it done by a professional so you too can look professional. However, there is also nothing wrong with experimenting with fun colors.

Pay attention to your roots. Don’t change too drastically and make it streaky or dull. A lot of girls with brown hair and blonde highlights can make their hair look grayish.

Odds are, if you dye your hair, it’s going to look great. Whether you are going lighter for spring or completely changing your look, a change of pace is always a great way to feel a little bit lighter and fresher. Remember to embrace everything you want to be.

You’re going to rock any hair color you choose.

Sincerely, Ms. Marist

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