Dear Ms. Marist

I’m graduating next year and I’m trying to make a list of to all the Marist traditions that I need to complete before I graduate. Can you think of any?

Dear Senioritis,

Despite only being a junior, I feel like I have the basic Marist traditions down to a science. Because of this, I believe this entry calls for a list. A list of Marist traditions. Because nothing is more scientific than a list.
Obviously traditions change and there are different favorite traditions varying between freshman and seniors, but fan favorites stay the same. Here are Marist traditions you must do before you graduate:
1. Rossi’s. While it’s not a tradition, it’s a staple. It deserves the highest spot on this list.
2. Lola’s. Same deal.
3. Daiquiri Day/Catalina
4. Riverfest--while it’s only for juniors and seniors and those over 21, Riverfest is one of the
biggest Marist highlights and it’s a great way to reminisce on your time at Marist.
5. 3-peat: River, Darby’s, Union/Mahoney’s.
6. Go into NYC at Christmas time with your friends.
7. Senior Week
8. Sled down the Marist Green. Unless you’re graduating this May, there’s bound to be
another snow day before most of us graduate.
9. Take a picture with Frankie the Fox. If you weren’t lucky enough to get one with DJM, or
David Yellen the past two years, Frankie is the next best thing. He’s much more
10. Jump into the Hudson after graduation. It’s cold. It’s gross. But everyone does it, and it
makes for a great Instagram.

While I’m sure there are many other Marist rituals and trends, those are the ones that stick out in this mere old junior’s head (Yes, I’m a junior--is this thing supposed to be anonymous? I’m not sure anymore. If it is, you have about a one in 1,500 chance of identifying me.)
Whatever you do with your last month at Marist, remember to savor it, eat lots of Rossi’s, take many sunset pictures, and remember your time as a Marist Red Fox. You were lucky to be here, and they were probably lucky to have you! Cheers, graduate! You did it!

Sincerely, Ms. Marist