A Hunt for Fresh Cappuccinos and Steamy Empanadas

On an early Saturday morning, I took a train from Poughkeepsie Station to Cold Spring, a village built on steep hillside secluded from the eyes of strangers. Located only 20 minutes from Poughkeepsie, it is an escape into a different reality of upstate. Rushing to catch my train, I took out 6 dollars and 28 cents to pay for my one-way ticket.

My favorite song was on - but I put my phone aside. I wanted more than a train ride, a meditative experience. I sat by the window facing the scenic view of the Hudson Valley. Bathing in the warm amber light, I watched fiery red leaves cruising in the crisp autumn wind. The sky was blanketed in the subtle grey haze like a sleepy kingdom, where the world is comforted under the cover of soft clouds, and the inhabitants of the world do not have to rush anywhere, but live in the moment.  

When the train arrived, I took a stroll around the town searching for a place to settle and do my homework. Cold Spring is all about atmosphere. Every passerby greeted me with a warm smile as if we were good acquaintances, as I walked to the rhythm of distant jazz tunes that were coming from early-riser breakfast cafes. Passing by the brightly colored houses on the main street, I noticed that they resembled illustrations from children’s coloring books. Market signs welcome newcomers to visit the realm of thrift and antique boutiques. I was yet to find a place of beautiful Argentinian culture with the luring scent of coffee beans and breakfast pastries: Rincon Argentino.

A treasure chest for coffee lovers, Rincon Argentino is located down Cold Spring’s lower Main Street on the Hudson River. The cafe is perfumed with a captivating scent of freshly brewed coffee.  The walls are decorated replete with playful murals featuring the distant Argentinian countryside views and a lively tango singer. The space is adorned with emblematic national costumes, traditional clay pottery, and proudly displays Argentinian flags. Furniture is an exclusive feature of Rincon Argentino: it was handcrafted and embellished with ornamental motifs by the owner, Marcos Antonio.

Antonio, an Argentinian native, founded the cafe with his wife Ramona Antonio and their little son Ivan.  Marcos brews a wide selection coffee, while Ramona offers empanadas and desserts, gelato and pastries aplenty. This project became a statement of their national identity. They epitomize Argentinian culture playing the role of gracious hosts preparing and serving freshly-made empanadas and delicious pastries. The day I discovered Rincon Argentino, I ordered a cup of cappuccino with a spinach empanada on the side. Marcos kindly served me and proudly pointed at the garland of international banknotes, extending across the frieze, gifted from a global clientele. It is apparent that Rincon Argentino is a cafe welcoming customers of all cultural and national backgrounds.

Located in the scenic part of Cold Spring, Rincon Argentino is a relaxing, cozy, and affordable way to spend a weekend away from academic routine as a part of exploring the beauty of upstate New York.


Arina NovakComment