The One With the Throne

As the leaves on the trees shift from warm ambers and deep maroons to shivering frail limbs, there is nothing more I crave than oversized sweaters and large cups of caffeinated delights. I can barely keep my head up in the drowsy weather; the overwhelming nature the end of the year brings does nothing to ease my mind. As the queen of procrastination, I could easily stay home and binge on Netflix and tea while I reside in my kingdom of melancholy. Sadly, my wallet has been wheezing out a plea to collect my tangent of thought and feed it promises of a future.

Phase One of attaining a prosperous state of mind is to envision wearing clothes from a fictitious optimal bank account and strut down an aesthetically pleasing street. In reality, I slipped on a heavy sweater and chunky boots, but the second I hit Main Street and saw the streetlights glow against the darkening sky, I became enrobed by a faux fur coat that grazed across the clean sidewalk with every click of my sleek heeled boots. Not to mention my elbow-length leather gloves. I may be getting a little too Cruella de Vil; a wealthy villain happens to be my winter aesthetic.

Phase Two of attaining a prosperous state of mind is to be situated in an atmosphere that comforts and provides motivation. Even in the cold, the wide outdoor patio of Bank Square Coffeehouse, a mere 10-minute walk from Beacon train station, is full of puffs of air and pleasant chatter. At the corner of Main, adorable baby Bigfoot takes up an entire wall outside the coffeehouse, greeting artists, writers, and the occasional businessperson. Bulbs of light entwine the low black iron gates enclosing the stone patio. Inside, an amicable ambiance warms the soul. A dainty bell signals the entrance of local and outsider alike; a differentiating tell is that the local ”Beaconite” knows to immediately shut the door to keep the warm air in, before an employee gently reminds them to do so.

A chalkboard neatly framed on the brick wall lists all the lovely options to get one jittering and ready to do work. Bank Square offers lattes, macchiatos, mochas, espressos--all made from freshly-brewed, locally-roasted coffee. If coffee is not your form of poison, the coffeehouse serves tea as well as fresh fruit smoothies. Baked goods are delivered daily from Bread Alone and Fishkill Bagel. The gluten free and lunch items hail from North Brooklyn Eats, another local favorite. If nothing on that menu sounds intriguing, maybe the offer of a variety of six kegs of local craft beer does. Bank Square proudly claims to be the trendsetter that pushed Beacon and the surrounding area to foster the growth of local breweries.

Stepping away from the ordering area, two open door frames lead into a wide open space. The eclectic furniture scattered across the wood floor is by far my favorite aspect of the coffeehouse. The mustard-painted brick wall harbors unframed artwork by local artists and a metal barrel can be found in the back near the vintage Pacman machine. An old school heavy black laptop is always charged and residing in the back bench, welcoming free use. A heavy armchair mimics a golden throne, standing tall and proud by the back wall. The upholstered cushions always invite me over to nestle with a novel, after I pretend to give out orders to seize another kingdom with my head held high.

The shiny glass windows up front are barred by stools, an optimal spot for those who desire natural light. Centered in the middle of the open space is a couch sectional directed at the large screen TV hung on the brick wall. Oddly enough, the sounds in the coffeehouse are always at a respectable volume. I can always be found near the back with my laptop or a novel, reveling in the sounds of the gentle strums of guitar, the occasional hum of the coffee grinder, and the airy  flutters of laughter. I normally order a steaming cup of tea, but every now and then I like to psych myself out and order an Americola.

I somehow always end up next to the same person, a man with a surreal resemblance to Morgan Freeman. His brown eyes are always trained on the neat mountain of a manuscript as his fingers fly across a keyboard. I do not know his name, occupation, or whether he is even a local. Every time I go to the coffeehouse and accidentally find myself sitting near him, I magically finish the piles of work I have. I wonder what he thinks of a 19-year-old girl smiling at him like he is her grandfather; I think of him as my good luck charm.

Bank Square Coffeehouse offers a warm, inviting atmosphere with fresh pastries, tea, locally-brewed coffee, and craft beers. My unfailing two-step approach to reclaiming motivation always includes this mystical coffeehouse. Besides, nearly all menu items fall under $4, and a fresh, locally-roasted cup of coffee will only cost around $2. The welcoming atmosphere nearly fools you into thinking you are a cast member from Friends lounging in Central Perk, or if you are a dramatic loner like me, you can sulk and sip tea on the throne.

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