Opening Day of Transparency Edit Gleams Clear

The inventive space of The Collective by MPorium thrived despite the April 5 hazy weather. Friday marked the opening of their Transparency Edit and the results were brighter than anticipated.

In less than five hours, the team exceeded their retail projection, revived their formerly established River + Stone brand and sold out multiple items from their freshly-launched, in-house line.

The new edit is centered on earth and human care. Some brands include Wild Fawn, a London-based jewelry company which uses recycled sterling silver, DIFF, an eyewear line that promises to donate reading glasses to individuals in need, and Soma, a reusable bottle brand seeking to tackle the widespread clean and sustainable water crisis.

“We concentrate on the message ‘think global, act local’,” said Dana Scherer, senior lead buyer.  

With campus construction and the move from Donnelly to across the street in the modernized Steel Plant Studio and Gallery Space, students have been eagerly waiting for sales to return and all seem happy to be spending for a well-balanced cause. The store team was also enthused to be back up and running.

Transparency Edit 1 CREDIT_ Madeline Casalino.jpg

“The room is a blank canvas and we have the chance to collaborate and play with visual merchandising,” Scherer said.

The newest line was researched, sketched and produced inside the building. For most students, this process is a class requirement, but for all, it is a clear passion. The development follows as such: investigate current trends, implement vision direction, and lastly, construct and approve prototypes.

“Creating in here allows us to decrease both time and waste. We don’t have to forecast quite as much because we can cut to order, assess, and demand as needed,”  Senior Tess Aplerin ‘19, director of planning and analytics, said.

This means the team can now monitor inventory to request only the necessities, a simple yet sustainable revolution.  

Scherer explained that the group behind the collection wanted to focus on neon and geometrical shapes in terms of their designs. Once this mindset was secured, the students in the micro-manufacturing class executed the process.

These students illustrated and sheet cut locally sourced acrylic to compile this lucidly colorful edit. Elements include milky-clear octagon bangles, teal-toned star studs and pulsating-pink triangular hoops. Depending on mood and size, this jewelry can either glow as a statement piece or deem as a daily staple.

“They are perfect for any day event,” customer and fashion enthusiast, Corrine Florian said. No matter the chosen style, the accessories generate an uplifting and youthful feel.

The new edit also breaks down costs for customers. In transparent green, a large sign hangs to explain the price of materials, labor, transport, duties and mark-up. This strategy fosters trust with their store audience.

Transparency Edit 2 CREDIT_ Madeline Casalino.jpg

“There are a lot of unknown operation costs of running a business, such as gift bags and labels” Alperin said as she explained the journey from original t-shirt rate to final profit. “Funds go back to Marist courses and to scholarship money for outstanding freshman fashion Merchandising students.”

This see-through explanation hopes to motivate and educate the community on the outcome of their dollars.

To further minimize extra material, the team refurbished previous River + Stone merchandise. With the addition of stitches, dyes and detailed scissor-scripts, outmoded apparel became brand-new. By donating or reusing leftover or unwanted materials, the program can reduce expenses and support community outreach.

The Collective by MPorium is open now until the end of the semester. Hours include Monday 10-5, Tuesday 11-5, Thursday 10-5, Friday 11-5 and Sunday 12-4. All grades and backgrounds are welcome to join the edit team.