Marketplace Gym Attracts Students

As renovations to the McCann Center continue to progress, Marist students are scrambling to find a new avenue for their workouts. The project, which is expected to be completed before the Spring 2020 semester, requires students to get creative with how they go about getting exercise and staying physically fit.

Enter the new--and improved--workout space adjacent to the Marketplace beneath the Upper West Cedar townhouses. The renovations to the Marketplace are obvious to anyone who sets foot inside, but taking a look inside the gym will reveal some differences. Once regarded as a small, bare-bones facility with little more than treadmills, ellipticals and a few select weight training machines, the space has expanded to include free weights and increased cardio equipment. The workout space is easily distinguished from the gym inside Building D of New Gartland, which consists almost entirely of cardio equipment.

For on-campus residents who live east of Route 9, the expansion is a welcome one, as the distance to the gym has been greatly slashed.

“This gym is definitely more convenient for the people that live on this side of the campus,” Courteney Gagner ‘21, a resident of the Lower West Cedar townhouses, said.

As was the case before the renovation as well, the gym also happens to be adjacent to one of Marist’s larger laundry facilities, which serves as the perfect platform for multi-tasking, according to Gagner.

“If I’m coming to do laundry [as well,] I’ll just come to the gym here,” Gagner said.

Also part of the deal for the students is the ability to receive priority points for using the gym, as was the case at McCann prior to the renovation. “The swipe for priority points is definitely an incentive,” Cara Smith ‘21 said.

The gym has grown, but the space is still an intimate size compared to what McCann once was. And according to Gagner, that’s a positive aspect.

“I would say that because it’s smaller, it tends to be less busy, which is nice,” Gagner said. “For the most part, all of the equipment is [available], which is really nice.”

Prior to its renovation, the McCann Center was notably crowded throughout the day, particularly as a result of athletic teams reserving space for their workouts. Greg Dicostanzo ‘19 noted the isolation of the athletic teams, who now work out in an entirely separate space. “[The Upper West gym] is less crowded, because the athletes have their own gym,” Dicostanzo said.

The McCann renovation will surely attract visitors upon its completion. For the time being, however, students are flocking to the east side of campus to get in a lift, or rack up a few miles on the treadmill.

“It’s a nice establishment,” Smith said.

Jack McElduffComment