Marist Women’s Soccer Senior Hope Quinonez Reflects on Career

The Marist College women’s soccer team shook off a slow start to finish with one of the best in-conference seasons the team has ever had, going 7-2-1 in MAAC play and making it all the way to the MAAC semifinals. The Marist Circle had the chance to speak with Hope Quinonez ‘19, who has been on the team since her freshman year. The senior midfielder looks back on the 2018 season, and her career at Marist as a whole.

Jack: How do you feel about this season and your soccer career at Marist coming to an end?

Hope: After four years and three different coaching staffs, my career at Marist has been a rollercoaster. In all sports, there are always challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome, and this season has definitely been a challenge for me, from adjusting to a new coaching staff, more of an emphasis on team building and not seeing the field as much as I did in the past. I would say my final season taught me more life lessons than soccer tactics. I dealt with the challenges I faced this season and I am sad my collegiate career came to an end, but I had a great four years representing Marist. Although my final season was cut short when I tore my ACL, the team had one of the best seasons we have ever had, and even if I could not be on the field to be a part of it, I was on the sideline supporting and maintaining an additional positive voice to make sure we were as successful as we could have been. This may be cliche, but all good things come to an end, and I would not change my four years as a Red Fox, because my time has shaped me into the person I am today and has prepared me to face anything that comes my way in the future.

J: What was the highlight of the season for you?

H: One highlight of the season for me was being put in with four minutes left against Yale and going in and scoring one of the best goals of my career to tie the game up. It was an amazing feeling to see how enthusiastic and proud everyone was of me, to score being on the field for only a few minutes. There is no better feeling than scoring a goal and lifting your team up when they need it most. I think this year's team has had some of the best chemistry and relationships with each other that it made being on the team enjoyable and I gained 30 girls who I can call my sisters. The camaraderie and bond between the girls on the team have definitely been the highlight of my season because, without an enjoyable atmosphere, the season would not have been as successful. If you trust and enjoy the girls you’re playing with, both on and off the field, it shows, and as a senior, it was something that brought a smile to my face.

J: What kind of legacy do you feel this senior class is leaving behind?

H: Our senior class has dwindled with numbers over the course of four years, and our lasting legacy has been to make every moment count and to maintain a positive environment because it will make being with each other 24/7 much easier. One of our team mottos was ‘grow through what you go through’ and I think this motto strongly represents our class. We started with 11 girls my freshman year and ended with a solid four girls who I am grateful to have had the time and experiences with. We were and still are a tight-knit group which held high standards and wanted to have a good time playing as well as having winning results. I know we made an impact on the classes under us and have guided them in a positive direction to make sure they are nothing but successful in their upcoming years. Being a part of the Marist women’s soccer team is an honor and something they will learn to cherish as their time comes to an end. We look forward to seeing the program continue to progress and hopefully, in the near future, accomplish our main goal of a MAAC championship.

J:  What's the most important lesson that soccer has taught you?

H: Soccer has taught me so many lessons over the course of my 18 years of playing, but I think the most important lesson it has taught me has been to never take anything for granted and enjoy every single second you get to be on the field. I have gotten the opportunity to play for a high-level club team, to be invited to the U.S. National Team camps, and then got to do what many people do not get the chance to do, play four years of Division I soccer while getting an amazing education. Soccer has shaped me into the person I am today and has given me opportunities to excel as a player, as well as a person, and I would not change a single thing throughout my journey because my love and passion for the game has remained stronger than most even when facing adversity. I look forward to continuing playing at a high level after recovering from my ACL injury and I know I can look back and thank Marist for giving me a platform and experience that will help me in my future career.

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