Live from Philadelphia….It’s Super Bowl LII!

As the Philadelphia Eagles hoisted the Lombardi trophy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, fans back home hoisted each other onto the greased poles of Broad Street and onto the awning of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown Philadelphia, PA.

In classic post-championship fashion, the winning city was ready for the celebration of a lifetime.

As a rather involved fan of the New York Giants I really wasn’t interested in the outcome of the this years super bowl.

That being said, I was however very much interested in seeing the Patriots lose.

Fans pack the streets of Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of Michael Conway. 

Fans pack the streets of Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of Michael Conway. 

Even if that meant I would have to temporally rooting for the NFC rival-Philadelphia Eagles I was ok with that. As a card carrying member of Big Blue, I was perfectly happy to put it in my back pocket for a night and root for the birds in the hopes that they would be able to climb the hill and deliver Tom Brady his third super bowl loss at the hands of a team from the NFC East.

Surrounded by a large group of die hard Eagles fans it wasn’t hard to get into the fighting spirit. Rallying around the idea of bringing the roof down on Tom Brady and winning the super bowl, it was fairly simple to identify as a temporary fan of the birds.

The super bowl in itself was arguably one the better games that we have seen in the past decade. With two high powered offenses, a touchdown reception from a quarterback, and some dramatic calls by the officials there wasn’t a moment that I wanted to take my eyes of the screen.

Located a few blocks from downtown, the riots started almost immediately. The blaring noise from the already assembled masses of people got louder and louder as we quickly made our way to join.

Crushed beer cans, dead cigarettes, and other garbage left a trail that pointed towards downtown.

Fans drank openly in the streets, rode on top of cars, shot off fireworks, and laid waste to the city. Located on Broad Street in downtown Philly, it was like a scene taken from Mad Max. The law had subsided as citizens collapsed the awning of the Ritz-Carlton, lit open fires in the streets and tore down light posts from street corners. The worst of the damage seemed to come when a group tossed a downed post through the glass storefront of a Macy’s store window.

The Superbowl riots commence. Photo Courtesy of Michael Conway. 

The Superbowl riots commence. Photo Courtesy of Michael Conway. 

All while being surrounded by a rather strong police presence one thing was made immediately clear to me: there were no rules. The mayhem seemed to have a soundtrack as fans chanted “E-A-G-L-E-S, F*ck Tom Brady, and Big D*ck Nick” with no pause. The latter seemed to be the fan favorite.

Philly locals raided their beloved Wawa store and shouts of “everything is free” rang throughout the air. It was true pandemonium in an area that had been rather quiet for a big city not 24 hours ago when my friend gave me a tour of his metropolis.

The party raged onto the early morning hours and seemed to not come to a close for sometime.

The fans of Philadelphia had not know how to win a super bowl for the entirety of their franchise, but they certainly knew how to celebrate when the time came.






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