Hayley Collins, Track & Field, Named MAAC Rookie of the Year

Hayley Collins ‘21 made waves at the 2018 MAAC Women’s Track & Field Championships when she was named the MAAC Rookie of the Year for the winter season. Collins also managed to finish second in the conference in the 5000 meter run, making a name for herself as perhaps the conference’s best female underclassman runner. Collins recently sat down with the Marist Circle to talk about what the winter season was like, in addition to her experience transitioning from high school to college athletics.

JM: Tell me a little about your high school track & field experience. (i.e. what events did you do, what was the experience like, etc.)

HC: In high school, I was also long-distance, so I did the 3200m and the mile. Sometimes I would do the 4x800m. I really had a good experience with all my coaches; they all helped me. I [also] had a really supportive team.

JM: How successful was your team in high school?

HC: In [my] four years, we were winning the state open, which was huge for us. We were doing really well as a team.

JM: How much was Marist involved with recruitment last year and previously?
HC: I was definitely looking at the school, so then they reached out to me. I was really excited; it felt like a family right away.

JM: Tell me a little about the transition from high school to college athletics.
HC: It was definitely a lot different, with the amount of training and [change in distance.] The coaches kind of knew that; for everyone, it’s a huge transition. I was able to transition  pretty well with it, since I’ve always liked having more miles, so they knew that coming in. They knew how to tailor [the experience] to me.

JM: What kind of events have you been running?
HC: I’m doing the 5k, and in outdoor, I’m going to do the 10k.

JM: How did the winter season go for you?

HC: It went very well. It’s gone by really quickly.

JM: I heard you did very well at the MAAC Championships. Tell me a little about what that was like.
HC: The whole team was just gearing up for that day. It was kind of like our whole season was just leading up to that. Whenever we’re put in the spotlight, we just try to do our best. We all just fed off each other; when one person did well, then everyone else was like, ‘we’ve got to follow that up.”

JM: What are your goals for the spring season?
HC: I’m definitely excited to do the [10k] for the first time.

JM: What advice would you give to a high school athlete that is set to transition to college athletics?

HC: Have a positive mindset. Don’t worry if one race goes bad, because it is definitely a transition. Try not to be nervous, and try to go along with the team and make friends with [teammates], because you’re going to be there for a while. 

Photo Source: Marist Athletics Instagram

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