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The gap year career

In a world where students of the upcoming generation are embodying passion over pay, a gap year is becoming the new normal in order to set that needle northward, toward the future.

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Kim Kardashian for Vogue: it's not like you'd look any better!

Like it or not, Kim Kardashian is a relevant celebrity and probably will be in the spotlight for a while after the birth of baby North West and upcoming marriage with Kanye. I can’t say that I think putting her and Kanye on the cover of Vogue was even controversial. Having them on the cover isn’t really offending anyone... 

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As US withdraws, Afghanistan can move toward democracy


Earlier this year, the U.S., their allies, and NATO announced plans to withdraw the majority of the troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year. According to an Associated Press article, the U.S. plans to end all combat operations on Dec. 31. Some troops, mainly special operation forces involved with counterterrorism operations will remain in Afghanistan.

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Social smoking and e-cigs are all the rage

If you go out on weekends, chances are you have seen them. They hang around outside the bar huddled in groups—a drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other. They are this generation’s “social smokers”—and there are more of them in college than you might think.

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No joke to smoke: CVS halts tabacco sales

In early February, CVS Pharmacy announced its plan to discontinue tobacco sales beginning this October. Has CVS experienced a change of heart in promoting public health, regardless of monetary gain? Or is this act a bottle-fed farce fed by government health care enthusiasts who are just blowing smoke? 

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The sad truth about SeaWorld

Recently, the documentary Blackfish was released. The film sheds light on the consequences of keeping killer whales in captivity. The film follows one specific whale, Tilikum, who is responsible for the deaths of three people. 

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Without net neutrality, the Internet is no longer free

Never give up freedom for promised “safety” and “protection” because once you do that you’ve just compromised your right as an individual. The Internet is like an individual. Designed intelligently and uniquely, it houses mass commerce and mass potential, but it’s also supposed to be free and supposedly open

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America is beautiful, but only to some?

With ad space running at $4 million per 30 seconds of TV time, companies feel the pressure to produce a memorable Super Bowl ad that not only promotes their product, but also induces a response from its intended recipients. 

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Making sense of love, post-Valentine's Day

So, how do you know if you really love someone? What is this thing we call “love,” and is there a difference between that and the heart-pounding adrenaline rush you feel when you see [insert name here]? 

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Is multilingualism really un-American?

Political Columnist Tim Kirtland shares his thoughts on the controversial Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial, which featured multi-ethnic families and children singing our national hymn, "America, the Beautiful," in languages other than English. 

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To drink or not to drink?

There’s so much going on around campus tonight – a basketball game, a movie screening, dorm programs – but instead you find yourself pulling out your fake I.D. What is the college obsession with drinking, and is the drinking age to blame?

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What is "Teen Mom 2" really about?

Could it be possible that "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is not a villain, but rather a victim of a media-driven culture that magnifies the horrors of single mothers' lives?

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My outfit, my choice: would college students benefit from a dress code?

There are plenty of private schools that still enforce a somewhat narrow dress code, but for the most part our society is moving away from this trend and instead encouraging students to wear what they are comfortable with. 

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Libertarianism moves to take center stage

   With the Republican Party, as well as the Tea Party, seeing increasingly dismal approval ratings, some may be hoping that conservatism as a whole is gradually fading away from contemporary popular opinion. However, the actual scenario is quite different. Full story

Students experience restrictions in dining hall

   Marist football finished this season with an 8-3 record and a share of the PFL title, setting a new standard for the team in our college’s history. This is a great accomplishment for the athletes and the team should be proud of their achievements, especially considering all of the hard work that they put in to the season and training. Full story


D1 athletics’ definition under debate

  The NCAA has become a “sports cartel” in the eyes of its many critics, and the student-athletes generating millions of revenue on the fields are seeing zero income off of them. It has been proposed, rejected, debated and contemplated heavily, but Divison 1 athletes still have nothing to show for their on-field performances. Full story


Obamacare under fire, criticisim and speculation

   I am on board 100 percent with fellow humanitarian thinkers in the idea that health care is a human right, that the United States ought to have a universal, possibly single-payer system that does not require citizens to buy their own private insurance. Full story

Learn to look on the bright side of group work

   Essentially, group work is luck of the draw. Rarely do you get to select your own group, so you are paired up with people that you have never met in your life. Whether you are paired up with a group of people who really care about the work they are doing and want to do well or get paired up with social loafers is really not up to you. Full story

Jonas Brothers split leaves fans broken-hearted

   It was a sad day in the entertainment world last week when Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas announced the end to their 10 year run as a band of brothers. After cancelling their tour two days before it started back in the beginning of October, rumors began swirling about why the tour was cancelled, ranging from there being a “rift” in the band over musical direction to Joe having a drug problem and needing rehab, to Kevin and his wife, Danielle, having faked their pregnancy and because people found out, they panicked and cancelled the tour. Full story

Performance enhancing drugs could receive potential lift

   Bobby Valentine has never been afraid to speak his mind. As Marist’s guest speaker this week, the Bobby V we know and love showed up and was, quite frankly, Bobby V. Among the more shocking views and opinions shared by the former player, manager, and ESPN analyst was his confession about the future of steroids in baseball. Full story

Disney faces reality about disability policy

After continued abuse of the Disney parks disability policy, Disney has decided to change the policy, despite public discontent. Disney noticed an increasing volume of requests received for special access to attractions. This could be attributed to the fact that more people are being diagnosed with autism today than 10 years ago. Full story

Mirror to print, student shares story of acceptance

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Think about that statement, and what it is you would actually do if you weren’t afraid. You might jump out of a plane or climb the nearest mountain. You may move across the country or study abroad for a year. For some, it is as simple as being yourself. Full story

How to reassess the changing face of terrorism

If I were to ask the average American to think of a terrorist group, I’d bet the first name he or she would come up with would be Al-Qaeda. It’s understandable as to why Al-Qaeda would be the first name to pop into our heads as it is the group responsible for the worst terrorist attack on U. Full story

New York sports are an Empire State of decline

   Growing up in the ‘90’s as New York-area sports fans, we’ve been accustomed to nothing but rings, trophies and parade confetti. We’ve been spoiled by winning names such as Derek Jeter, Eli Manning, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Ewing and Mark Messier. Full story