Where we come from. 

Our school newspaper – founded in 1941 as the Greystone Gazzette – has undergone many changes over its 78 years. In 1961, it was renamed to The Record. Five years later, in 1965 it underwent another name change, becoming The Circle. Today, 40 000 plus alumni, students, and parents call it MARIST CIRCLE. 

As technology developed, so too did The Circle. In 2000, The Circle developed its first ever website, balancing content between traditional print and modern online media. In 2015, The Circle joined the communications department in its launch of the Marist Media Hub – bringing all media outlets on campus together on one site. At this time, the Marist Circle disbands its print newspaper completely.


Where we are going.

In 2016, a group of dedicated students began planning initiatives in an effort to revive the Marist Circle. Utilizing social media, these students created a branch of the Marist Circle known as Marist Circle Initiatives.  The students created For the Record and Marist Stories. Marist Stories was modelled after the Humans of New York while For The Record was named after the school newspaper of 1961-1964, this initiative would highlight some of the best and brightest which Marist had to offer – detailing stories of inspiring students at Marist College both in print and online. With over 40,000 unique visitors online, this initiative would win “Club Event of the Year,” in 2017 becoming one of the most successful initiatives in the history of the school newspaper.


What we believe in. 

There have been many changes over the newspaper’s 78 years. However, our mission has remained constant: we have been – and always will be – a newspaper for the students, by the students. With articles published daily, we aim to provide unbiased, engaging and professional news to the Marist community. As we push into the future, we will continue improving upon the Marist Circle, and we promise – there are many more changes to come.