Telling our Marist Stories

By Tara Guaimano, Gabriella Gamba and Eliza Patterson

Ranging from the sweetest worker in the dining hall to the water polo player in your statistics class—Marist Stories tells the stories of the faces that define our campus community, through the lens of Instagram.

Marist Circle writers, senior Gabriella Gamba, junior Eliza Patterson, and freshman Tara Guaimano are behind the Instagram handle, interviewing and photographing students and faculty to tell their stories in a fun, interesting way.

Marist Stories aims to continue to recognize the many students who reflect the values of Marist College through social media platforms, helping us to become better acquainted with our community. Below are some excerpts from @MaristStories on Instagram, showcasing our most recent features. 

Katie Kilgallen.

Katie Kilgallen

Katie Kilgallen

Katie Kilgallen, interviewed by Gabriella Gamba

Name: Katie Kilgallen

Hometown: Wall Township, NJ

Class Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

Minor: History

Q: How would your mom describe you in five words?

A: Annoying, a mini-me of her, sings a lot, eats a lot and the best daughter ever

Q: How did you meet your best friend?

A: We were friends on AIM and we were in the same chat room and we found out that we both ate the same ice pop from the ice cream man. Ever since then, bam. Best friends for life.

Q: What are three things on your bucket list?

A: I want to skydive really bad, I want to go to Switzerland because I didn’t get to go when I was abroad and I literally slap myself in the face every day for not doing that, and then I want to get a dog. I already have a dog but I want my own dog.

Q: If you weren’t going to pursue a career in your major, what would be your dream job?

A: Being Beyonce


Kate Boylan.

Kate Boylan 

Kate Boylan 

Kate Boylan, interviewed by Eliza Patterson

Name: Kate Boylan

Hometown: East Setauket, New York, Long Island

Class Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Finance

Minor: Information Systems

Q: What are three things on your bucket list?

A: I want to move into the city, live with my friends, and have the dream job that I love. I want to learn to piano. When I move to Florida after I graduate I want to get a Disney annual pass. I know that sounds stupid, but I want to be able to go to Disney World like every weekend since it’s only an hour away.

Q: If you weren’t going to pursue a career in your major, what would be your dream job?

A: Motivational speaking, or when I was little I wanted to be a broadway singer, but I’m not that good of a singer. I wish I could act, like when I saw Cabaret and Love in the Afternoon I just thought wow I wish I could do this. I would love to work for Spotify, like I’m obsessed with Spotify. I check their job postings all the time.

Q: What do you worry about and why?

A: I worry about senior year things. I worry about graduating. I feel like you go through school, high school, college, and when you graduate it’s like, what happens after that? I’m very much a goal-oriented person so the fact that we’re graduating…it’s up to you what you want to do with your future.

Q: What would you tell your freshman year self, today?

A: I would tell myself that it might be hard now, and you think it’s not going to work out, you haven’t found your friends yet, but senior year it will all fall into place, it will all work out. You’ll realize that time happened for a reason and you’re going to find your place eventually.


Darien Townsend.

Darien Townsend

Darien Townsend

Darien Townsend, interviewed by Tara Guaimano

Name: Darien Townsend

Nickname: D Town

Hometown: Austin, TX

Class Year: Freshman

Major: Business Administration

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this right now?

A: Taking a nap.

Q: How did you meet your best friend?

A: Through church actually. Our families used to go to church together and we met through youth programs and all of that kind of stuff. We played football together, and we have been cool ever since.

Q: If you weren’t going to pursue a career in your major, what would your dream job be?

A: I would love to play in the NFL- that would be great. But we’ll see how that goes.

Q: What were the best and worst stages of your life?

A: My years in elementary school were probably my worst days, I was a trouble maker. On the bright side, my senior year in high school, as it was a pretty big stage in my life.


Marist Stories editors, Eliza Patterson, Tara Guaimano, & Gab Gamba.

Left to Right: Eliza Patterson '18, Tara Guaimano '20, and Gabriella Gamba, '17.

Left to Right: Eliza Patterson '18, Tara Guaimano '20, and Gabriella Gamba, '17.

Meet the Marist Stories’ editors.

Name: Eliza Patterson

Hometown: Storrs, Connecticut

Class Year: Junior

Major: Political Science, Public Relations minor

Also known as epatts, at Marist I am a member of the a capella group, The Sirens, as well as a member of The Circle. I love singing, hiking, cats, and my car, Penny. If I were able to tell my freshman year self one thing it would be to never settle and to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

Name: Tara Guaimano

Hometown: Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Class Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism, Political Science minor

As the Lifestyles editor of The Circle and a news enthusiast, I am in love with all aspects of journalism and reporting. I am a total beach girl and ocean lover—and my Birkenstocks are practically glued to my feet. I adore my big Italian family, summers at the Jersey Shore and my cute little Jeep Liberty named Summer.

Name: Gabriella Gamba

Hometown: Yonkers, New York

Class Year: Senior

Major: Journalism and Public Relations

As a member of both The Circle and North Road Communications, I am constantly busy and running around. I always make time, however, to watch an episode of ‘The Office’ and listen to a really nostalgic throwback playlist. The worst stage in my life was middle school, because I spent it plastering the walls of my room, my locker and everything in between with hundreds of pictures of the Jonas Brothers. I had no shame. I do now.