Marist’s Naturally Foxy Club Strives to Encourage Confidence and More

By Isabelle Christie

Facetune, Photoshop, and filters have all become part of our generation’s vocabulary. From waist trimmer advertisements to “fit tea” detoxes endorsed on celebrity Instagram accounts, millennials are constantly pressured to alter their appearance.

Naturally Foxy is here to send a message that’s often lacking as we scroll through social media platforms: just be you.

The Naturally Foxy Club, which emerged from Steph Limiti’s (Class of 2015) senior capping project - “The Naturally Foxy Campaign” - is an on-campus organization that promotes positive self-image and self-acceptance. Club Secretary Amanda Dettmann, Class of 2020, notes that the club is about “Finding who you are and owning it.” In an age where social media has us striving for unattainable physical perfection, Naturally Foxy’s message is more relevant than ever.

Amanda Dettmann, Class of 2020. 

Amanda Dettmann, Class of 2020. 

How can we begin to embrace ourselves and our flaws? Dettmann found her answer when Health and Wellness Coach Jeni Wrightson visited campus last spring to make a speech hosted by Naturally Foxy. Wrightson spoke about her life and her confidence issues, and in doing so, left an unexpected impact on Dettmann.

She “hits you in your gut,” said Dettmann. Wrightson had the audience share their personal struggles and offered them advice on how to better themselves and what they were struggling with.

Dettmann later emailed Wrightson, sharing how her talk changed her.

“I printed out her response and have it on my wall now,” said Dettmann.  “She’s my favorite person on the planet.”

The impact Naturally Foxy had on Dettmann is evident through her involvement in the club. She stepped up to a position on the board as a sophomore. “I knew that [Naturally Foxy] was important for other girls and guys,” said Dettmann.

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Indeed, the importance of what Naturally Foxy discusses cannot be understated. The club opens up the dialogue on body positivity, self-confidence, natural beauty, and mental health; taboo topics that people often shy away from talking about it.

With a theme of inclusivity, anyone is invited to become a member. “It’s a welcoming club for girls and guys, and anyone can join,” Dettmann said.

There is no shortage of events for members. Potential activities this semester include a yoga event for relaxation, a fall picnic by the river, a Halloween movie night, and community service around the holiday season. The club’s next planned event is the Out of Darkness Walk for suicide prevention, which will take place on Saturday, September 30, at the Walkway Over the Hudson.

“We really just want to have fun and focus on being a better you,” Dettmann explained.

When asked about her favorite part of being in Naturally Foxy, Dettmann simply responded, “Finding myself.” College years, full of encounters with new surroundings, people, and experiences, should be all about that. And it first begins with loving yourself.