Movie Review: It (And Other Fall Activities to Try Out)


By Madeline Casalino

The new movie, It, is an American supernatural horror film directed by Andy Mushcietti and based on the 1986 book written by Stephen King. As frightening and horrific as the film may appear to be, it will also leave you with a feeling of inspiration, hope, and a crave for adventure. The film is set in the fictional town of Derry, Maine, and tells the story of a group of misfits who come together to solve the mystery of an increasing number of missing children, some of which are dear to them. In addition, this group of young adults, widely recognized as “The Losers Club”, is being terrorized by a killer clown while challenging their own personal demons throughout the process.


This film is a must-see for the fall season because it accomplishes two essential aspects of any great film. The first, and possibly the most crucial, is the ability to connect with a widely diverse audience. With the help of a talented group of young male actors and a fearless female lead to accompany them throughout their journey, the cast of It will leave you laughing and smiling in your seat. The seven main characters must manage to defeat the town’s killer clown, as well as grapple with the awkward transition into adulthood. Along the way, they face ridicule from the town bullies and “mean girls” of middle school, and, as a result, your mind will immediately be transported back to the uncomfortable and challenging years of adolescence. Fortunately, the characters achieve in poking fun at their own insecurities throughout the film, allowing for a comical and heartwarming mood. Therefore, this courageous group of misfits will make you wish you had an action-fighting clan of your own.

Second, and though just as important as the first aspect of a great movie, is its ability to achieve the overall purpose, which, in this case, is to make you frightened. The challenging part about making the story, It, into a movie for adult viewers is that the main focal point is a clown, a character typically geared toward children. This is problematic in most horror films because they are based on fictional plots and events, causing them to seem unbelievable and, at times, unintentionally laughable. Additionally, when most viewers enter a horror movie, they want to be momentarily frightened. However, they do not want to be up all night due to the constant fear of Pennywise the Clown appearing in their shower drain. Overall, this film creates a suspenseful story, perfect for the Halloween season, that will leave you clutching your popcorn bag until the very end.


Hopefully, the thrilling, murder-mystery, action-packed, coming-of-age, story of It, the dancing clown who preys on children’s fear, will make you feel motivated to conquer this Halloween season, rather than be petrified to leave the house. If so, then a hike or new book may seem like an excellent choice for your next weekend activity.

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Madeline Casalino