Marist Gets A Taste Of Italy

Rossi & Sons Rosticceria Expands Into Marist College

By Brian Edsall

Rossi & Sons Rosticceria has long been a favorite off-campus dining location for college students in Poughkeepsie. Rossi’s has now chosen to open a second location at Marist College.

Rossi’s was rumored to be making this move during the Fall 2017 semester with the knowledge that North Campus Housing Building D would include a new Dining Center, featuring vendors from the Hudson Valley.

The rumor was confirmed on Wednesday evening in an email from Deborah DiCaprio, Vice President/Dean of Student Affairs. The new dining facility will be operated by trained Sodexo staff.

“Opening a new venue always presents a fresh opportunity to think creatively,” said Anthony Legname, Campus Executive Chef at Marist. “Their products are high quality and Marist students love it. Together, Rossi’s and Sodexo have formed a unique partnership that we think students will value.”

The decision to expand was accompanied with some hesitation and doubt, as Rossi’s Rosticceria has prospered with their singular location on South Clover Street for nearly 40 years.

“It wasn’t an overnight decision. All that we have ever known is the deli - we’ve always worked hard to just make the deli run well and make the food what it should be,” said co-owner Fabio Rossi. “We never thought about an outside concept because we never thought we could do it.”


“We thought that it might compromise the integrity of the deli,” he continued. “I think in the end, we always wanted to venture out.”

Sodexo has cooperated to an extensive training process with the Rossi’s to maintain high quality products which mirror that of their primary location. Moreover, Rossi’s staff will be present in the initial stages of opening to ensure excellence in products and service.

The secondary location at Marist will only serve sandwiches, while the primary location will remain the sole source of imported products and Italian cuisine.

“Our partnership is based on excellent customer service, quality food and a shared vision to provide the best product to Marist College students and the local area,” said Legname. “Sodexo values our students’ experience. It’s important to all parties involved that we collectively provide this personalized local service.”

Despite some initial concerns, the Rossi’s are confident that Marist and Sodexo will operate their new facility with excellence, providing a likeness to the Rossi’s experience which has become tradition for many Marist students.

“[Sodexo] doesn’t believe that it should be anything else except great,” said Rossi. “They have culinary-trained chefs and management who are working on this project with us, so they know what quality it is.”

Supporting the local economy is a focal point for Sodexo, which aims to sustain fresher ingredients, the environment and the community.

“Quality food starts with fresh ingredients from quality local sourcing. Local sourcing also supports Sodexo’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Lastly, purchasing local means that more money stays within the community,” said Legname. “A partnership with Rossi’s ticks these boxes while providing students more variety on campus.”


The Rossi’s are extremely grateful for the opportunity to become part of the Marist College community which has been tremendously supportive throughout the years.

“I couldn’t really see us doing what we do now without Marist,” said Rossi. “Marist is such an integral part of our being...I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate that relationship with the students...We feel so humbled by the loyalty to us.”

An official ribbon cutting for the new North Campus Dining Center will occur at 4:30 p.m. Monday, January 29th, located on the ground floor of Building D.

President David Yellen, faculty and staff from the Marist community will be present for the opening, as well as Frankie the Fox and the Marist Jazz Band.

Sodexo will offer some free food and beverage samples from their new menu at the North Campus dining location.

The service hours planned for The North Campus Dining Center are Monday-Friday, 11:00 am to 12:00 a.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Brian Edsall