Show Review: Anything Goes

Without fail, MCCTA (Marist College Club of Theatre Arts) and the Marist Theatre Program managed to produce another spectacular main-stage spring musical performance this year. The show, Anything Goes, written and set during 1934 on a cruise ship called the S.S. American, hosts a myriad of characters on its vessel, all of whom are seeking love, acceptance, and elements of their own personal agenda. Characters like Reno Sweeney, Billy Crocker, Hope Harcourt and Lord Evelyn Oakley, sing, dance and perform their storylines all aboard the S.S. American.

Some of the electric performances, include but are not limited too, those of the likes of Reno Sweeney, played by Julia DiMarzo class of 2018. DiMarzo’s performance of Reno Sweeney, showcasing her extensive talents of singing, dancing, and acting highlight Reno’s sweet and sultry personality in every capacity. She truly brings to life the title of the show through her vivacious performances that highlight the range of her talents as a triple threat and as a thunderous performer. It’s hard to take your eyes off her, DiMarzo’s ease in her performance is shown through her versatility and her presence when she walks on stage. Some of her more electric songs included the ones that showcased all her talents, numbers like “Anything Goes,” “Blow Gabriel” and “Friendship” left the audience cheering and wanting more. As a senior, DiMarzo truly showed what it’s like to leave everything out on the table, with precise movements, effortless singing, and flawless characterization.

Other flawless performances came from the junior class, in the leads of the show, such as Billy Crocker, Hope Harcourt and Lord Evelyn Oakley. Billy Crocker, played by Brian Bocanegra, demonstrated the dynamic complexities of a “stuffed shirt stockbroker” who falls in love with Hope Harcourt, played by Tristan Rowley. Bocanegra and Rowley had such an effortless chemistry between them allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their roles and take the audience along with them in the re-telling of their love story. Again, both performers illustrated pristine performance due to their dedication to the craft and remarkable talent. Another outstanding performance came from Quincy Brown, who played Lord Evelyn Oakley. Brown’s performance was both humorous and evocative for many audience members, by bringing comedic relief through an earnest and honest performance. Brown continuously stuns in his performances providing a fantastically funny, but honest portrayal of a British socialite.

From the supporting cast, to the set, to the lights, to the costumes, Anything Goes is on point. All who participated in this project should be proud of their accomplishments. The sound, lights, music, and all of the technical aspects were on point and enhanced the amusement and wonder of this performance. Time and time again all who are involved in the theatre department has proved that through its professionalism, dedication and versatility of their craft, they can succeed at producing these fantastic shows. To all that were involved, thank you for your effort, your drive, and your endeavor to succeed.


Mia MaggiacomoComment