Marist College Welcomes Comedian Luke Mones

There’s a lot to be said about stand-up in an age of comedy dominated by the digital personalities of YouTube and Instagram influencers who are claiming the title of comedian (I’m talking to you, Jake Paul). However, New York-based Luke Mones is challenging the narrative created by said influencers by bridging the gap between both digital and stand-up comedy. After having the chance to attend his act in the Cabaret last Friday night, there’s one thing I can say for sure: Mones is a man of many talents.

As someone that prefers sketch comedy over stand-up, I didn’t expect to leave his show having enjoyed it as much as I did. Exuding the perfect amount of confidence and comfort, his interaction with the audience showcased the charisma that he himself might not even know he possesses. To a college-aged audience, Mones is effortlessly relatable. He touched on the woes of anxiety and mental illness that many students face, shared the not-always glamorous reality of living in New York City, and made light of the awkward relationship between a college resident and the RA. His material is authentic, which is one of the only things you can ask for in a great comedian.  

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To finish off his show, Mones gave a glimpse into one of his most recent digital series, Influencer. The show follows Luke Nelson, a one-hit wonder of the YouTube world, made famous by his viral video dating back to ten years ago titled, “Candle Hands.” Trapped in an era that once brought him fame and recognition, Nelson is willing to do whatever it takes to gain back his internet stardom and compete on the same playing field as the social media influencers of today.

Mones’ ability to produce and deliver consistently funny content in both his stand-up as well as his digital video work, shows the diversity he possesses as a comedian. Mones is a force to be reckoned with; it’s tough to picture his future in comedy going anywhere but up.  

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