Marist Fashion Prepares to Debut 32nd Annual Silver Needle Runway

The Marist College fashion program has expanded tremendously since its creation, and has grown to offer fashion students an array of unique opportunities designed to expand both their knowledge and professional resume. Amongst these opportunities is the Fashion Show Production Class, which develops an exciting event open to both students and the public: the Silver Needle Runway (SNR). According to Marist Fashion, SNR “will celebrate the talent and collections of Marist design students and future fashion leaders.”

Image credit: Marist Fashion. 

Image credit: Marist Fashion. 

The event, scheduled for Friday, May 4 at 4 and 7 pm at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, is the 32nd annual; however, it promises to be an occasion unlike anything else the runway has ever seen.

According to Fashion Design major Gabrielle Amaturo, a senior designer who is featured in this year’s Silver Needle Runway event, it is going to be a runway show to remember. “The show this year is going to be really fun!” Amaturo says. “Vibrant, upbeat, colorful, fast-paced. I think it will be fresh and it always looks extremely professional for a college showcase.”

Sophomore Emily Orlando, who served as the Social Media Coordinator, is excited for audiences to see the finished product of the class’ efforts and believes that this year’s event is sure to be right on-trend. “I am most excited for the audience to see how we utilized digital aspects for the event,” Orlando says. “I don’t want to give away too much, but I think that all of the teams really tried to utilize technology as much as possible to keep up with our digital age that we are currently living in.”

Fashion Merchandising major Chris Mitchell, originally from Columbus, Ohio, is Silver Needle Runway’s Hospitality Coordinator, and believes the event will be an amazing experience for attendees. “I am most excited for the audience to not only see the garments and the talent of our senior students, but also for them to feel the beauty of each small detail that has been put into the show,” he says. “I hope that each person can leave feeling inspired by the clothing and the ambiance.”

Though the show is an exciting experience for students and attendees alike, there is also a lot of pressure to ensure that everything goes perfectly. “Industry professionals from brands such as Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta come to support the show every year,” says Mitchell. “We are so excited to put on this show for them as well as the community. It is a climax of all the hard work that is put in by so many people through the past year.”

Mackensi Considine, a junior originally from Bernardsville, New Jersey, is currently serving as the Logistics Production Assistant Director and echoes this sentiment of hard work. She explains that, the week of the show, students in Fashion Show Production class dedicate countless hours in the fashion department to perfect every last detail of the show and guarantee the finished product is impeccable. “Even though it is hard work, I wouldn't trade it for the world and I love that time to get even closer with my team and do our best work to make the show the absolute best it can be,” Considine says.

The production of such a large-scale event is intense, but it is definitely worth it in the end, according to Amaturo. Though she participated in Silver Needle Runway all four of her years at Marist, this year is unique, as she will be debuting her six look collection in the show. Amaturo says, “I am excited that I will have a lot of family and friends in attendance this year, so I am over the moon that they will get to see my designs walk down the runway, and when the seniors get to walk out with their collection.”

Image provided by Gabrielle Amaturo.

Image provided by Gabrielle Amaturo.

For senior fashion design students like Amaturo, Silver Needle Runway is a dream come true.  “This is something that I have been talking about and dreaming of my whole life, so for my family to see it finally be a reality is going to be a really impactful moment for all of us,” Amaturo says.

Considine, who has participated in SNR since her freshman year, is also exhilarated by the excitement of the event. “My personal favorite experience working on the show is backstage during the day of the show,” she says. “Being around the models, working with the dressers, and seeing the senior designers’ garments come to life is something that never ceases to give me butterflies year after year.”

There is also an educational value to this experience, and sophomore Martha Villarreal, the Model Coordinator for the event, realizes this. “It is a really fun class and has given me a glimpse of the different aspects of the industry and how to be professional,” she states.

Orlando agrees, and believes Silver Needle Runway has provided a learning experience that she will cherish for years to come. “I I think also getting to work with my team and the rest of the students in the class is so unique compared to other group work in other classes,” she says. “You really learn so much from others and from really following through with ideas so this whole class definitely was an experience that I will always go back to as I further my career.”