Salsa Fresca Moves Into Route 9 Location with Student Deals

Students returned this spring semester to find a new neighbor. Located directly across Marist College on Route 9, Salsa Fresca is a new and convenient choice for students.

With Gia’s and Giacomo’s dedicated to pizza, Yeung Ho II for Chinese cuisine, and Falafel Town for Middle Eastern dishes, Marist College students lacked a Mexican option. Now just a short walk away, Salsa Fresca fits the bill.

“I love Mexican food,” said Justin Kirsch ‘20 about the Mexican grill. “Salsa Fresca is just walking distance of my house.”

Matt Ronan ‘21 is also a fan of Salsa Fresca’s location.

“It’s very convenient being right across the street,” Ronan said. As a student who orders out almost every day, Ronan said Salsa Fresca is a tasty option and more restaurants should open closer to the Marist College campus. He added that the quality and taste of the food at Salsa Fresca is much better than Sodexo.

“It’s not necessarily healthier than Sodexo, but it seems more fresh,” Ronan said.

Signature burritos, bowls, quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and salads are all on the menu at Salsa Fresca, as well as the option to build your own meal. Chips and salsa come with every dish and guac, along with other sides, can be purchased for extra.

Salsa Fresca- Image by POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL.jpg

Kirsch recommends Fire on the Mountain, a pile of nachos piled high on a plate. “It was fantastic,” Kirsch said. In comparison to the Dining Hall’s Taco Tuesday, Kirsch said, “Anything I eat is better than Sodexo.”

Agreeing with Kirsch and Ronan, Erin Flynn ‘21 said Salsa Fresca is a tastier option than Sodexo and serves higher quality meals. She said the Mexican grill is also a budget-friendly choice.

“The prices are definitely affordable for college students, especially their $5 deal,” Flynn said. With a student ID, Salsa Fresca offers a $5 special on weekdays from 2 to 4 p.m. From Monday through Friday, their happy hour draws crowds of students during the week.

Customers can also join the Salsa Club, a way to receive emails or texts about monthly promotions, secret specials, and exclusive coupons.

Students are taking advantage of the deals at Salsa Fresca. Having already gone to the Mexican restaurant five times this semester, Erica Capobianco ‘21 considers herself a regular. “They rock for the $5 special. It’s so smart,” she said. “The burrito bowls are amazing.”

In Sodexo’s defense, Capobianco added that “Sodexo gets a bad rap. I think it’s better compared to other schools. It’s just Salsa Fresca seems more fresh and feels like quality, good ingredients. You also get a substantial meal.”  

Grace MaedaComment