Marist's New Security Operations Center

On Sept. 28, 2018 Marist College opened its Security Operations Center (SOC) which is located in the Hancock Center. Not only is Marist College one of the few colleges to offer a cybersecurity major, they are one of the few to replicate real world scenarios to be a hands-on learning experience for the students.

Marist representatives say, “this technical skill set in cybersecurity will help individuals looking to make themselves more marketable in an increasing technology-dependent world.” The flexible program is available online and on-campus.

A certificate in cybersecurity is offered for students who are not interested in pursuing a major or minor. Acquiring this certificate will allow students to receive entry-level positions in information technology fields, senior system managers, or system administrators in order to build their skill for other fields.

The SOC deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level at an ongoing basis to prevent cybersecurity incidents that come about through threats. The staff of these centers supervise the site using data processing technology which is what the Marist College students will be able to partake in.

This new program is said to launch in the fall. It is housed with the School of Computer Science and Mathematics which has been approved from the New York State Education Department.

Casimer DeCusatis presenting the new Security Operations Center

Casimer DeCusatis presenting the new Security Operations Center

The SOC will be utilized by cybersecurity majors and minors, The Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) Cybersecurity Certificate, and Cybersecurity Summer Institute for high school juniors and seniors.

Through features of IBM’s cybersecurity technologies, Marist was able to create a safe space for students to explore a number of facets that most large companies are now incorporating.

Some of these features include the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform which is used to detect and prioritize threats within the IT environment. As well as the IBM Security Security Appscan which helps to identify security gateways that prevents unauthorized access of networks.

Students will learn how to study attacks against electric power plants, hack airplanes from the in-flight wifi, secure wireless medical devices and control the Internet of Things such as GPS navigators, Siri, Alexa, smart cars and so on.

"In our program we teach students how threats and attacks work and how to counteract them," said Casimer DeCusatis, Director of the Cybersecurity Program and Assistant Professor of Computer Science.

Marist has had a joint collaboration with IBM which has played an important role in developing the SOC. Through the IBM Academic Initiative advising, software has been able to be attained.

"This high-tech classroom is absolutely essential for students studying cyber security," said Roger Norton, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. "The SOC at Marist is an important component of preparing tomorrow's cybersecurity experts for the real world professional challenges that await them."

The Chronicles of Higher Education has reported that 114 percent cybersecurity job postings grew within a five year period. Eight-six percent of these jobs require a bachelor of science degree which on 24 percent of colleges are able to meet this demand.

Cutting the ribbon to the Security Operations Center

Cutting the ribbon to the Security Operations Center

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