Lies, Liquor and Larceny - SECURITY BEAT

Another week at Marist College has passed, and with it, a plethora of security incidents. Sitting down with Director Blaisdell, I was given an inside look on recent campus incidents.

Alcohol continues to be problematic at the college, with violations increasing since last week. Director Blaisdell, chuckling slightly, noted one incident where residents were caught bringing beer in clear, plastic bags. 

Although less frequent, there were a couple of drug violations this week, with marijuana being found in both Midrise and Upper West Cedar. 

Surprisingly, there have been several incidents of larceny and forgery. Items were stolen both in residence halls and the library, including a pair of Air Pods and a jewelry box. Security also reported that three faulty ID’s were found and turned in.

Although admitting that the week has been rather stressful, Director Blaisdell does not seem overly concerned with the number of violations. Since these violations are rather routine at the start of the semester, it would be reasonable to assume things will soon start to calm down.

Jack HakulaComment