Marist Announces Summer Installment of Manhattan Program

The Marist in Manhattan program, usually offered in the spring and fall semesters, is now being offered as a summer program.

Announced in early Feb., the summer installment of Marist in Manhattan will be a 10-week program, in which students can now live and work in the city during the summer.

Key differences between the summer program and the fall and spring programs include students not having a full schedule of classes as well as their internship, and a unique one-credit offering that will be available for the summer program only. Summer Marist in Manhattan students will be able to earn up to three credits.

“We conceived of the Manhattan Summer Program as a way for students to enhance their career prospects,” said Gerald McNulty, communication and media studies director for Marist in Manhattan.

“With that view in mind, we thought it would be helpful to design a new advanced career class. Dean Lyn Lepre suggested that we combine leadership study with several career development topics and so that gave us a new focus for what we hope will be an interesting and challenging course: Communication & Leadership in the Workplace,” McNulty said.

According to McNulty, a summer Marist in Manhattan program has been in the works for a while now.

“Many students participate in internships during the summer. Growing numbers of students are interning in New York City and so it made sense to expand the program into the summer term,” he said.

An activity fee will also be added to the cost of attendance in the program in order to help students become more immersed in city life. Activities include tickets to Broadway shows, sporting events, and other activities.

Housing will be identical to the normal program, being the 1760 Third Street Residence Hall from Education Housing Services. The 1760 Third Street Residence offers amenities such as a laundry room, communal kitchen, and a gym. However, the summer program is limited to 20 students at the moment, but the program hopes to increase that number.

“I am thrilled to have any opportunity to live and learn in New York City and get a hands-on experience from an internship,” said Marleah Dentes ‘21, a prospective applicant for the new summer program. “I appreciate that they have expanded the program into the summer, because I was having a difficult time finding a semester in my schedule for the program. Living more than five hours from the city, I had to jump on the chance to not have to commute to the city.”

Internship placements for the past Marist in Manhattan include NBC, DeVries Global, Nickelodeon, Chanel, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and Hearst Publications.

Although most students in previous semesters have majored in communication, media studies, fashion, and art, the summer program is open to all students.

“I believe the Marist in Manhattan program is a great way to test your independence and see how you handle a completely different lifestyle than the one you have on campus” said former Marist in Manhattan participant Lydia Deluca ‘20. “I learned so much not only in the field I interned in, but how to balance a completely new life routine.”

Paisley HaddadComment