Gia's Pizza Closes, Poughkeepsie Favorite Bronx Pie Opens Second Location

Gia’s Pizza, a go-to spot for midnight slices for Marist students closed last week. It was replaced by the second location of Bronx Pie in Poughkeepsie.

Gia’s had mixed reviews from Marist students. Some swore by it while others thought it was merely average. “It was whatever, it never really stood out to me.” said Marist sophomore Ben Pierce, 19. “I’ll definitely be looking forward to the new place opening up”.

Bronx Pie’s other location in Poughkeepsie is located at 29 Academy Street, where they have experienced great success since opening in 2014. The original location of Bronx Pie is fittingly, in the Bronx.

Owner Eric Ukaj opened the Bronx location in 2004 and they have been there ever since. You have to be doing something right to stay in business for over 15 years in New York City, which should make Marist students excited for the new place on the block.

Ukaj brings a ton of experience to the table. “As a kid, I was taught to cook and I had always been interested in opening a restaurant”. The pizza is tried, tested, and true.

His family has been using the same recipe for over 50 years and it is the same recipe that is used every day in each of his three locations.

Ukaj said that he owes a lot of his success to the student population that Poughkeepsie offers. “It’s exciting to work in busy areas with the students,” he said.

Ukaj said that ever since moving to Poughkeepsie, he has always heard great things about Marist students. “Pizza will always be important to college students,” said Ukaj.

Ukaj has always wanted to open a location closer to Marist and when he got the opportunity, he said. Many of the small business in the Marist area depend on students as their main source of income, especially small pizza joints like Bronx Pie. Therefore, they need to earn the approval of Marist students to survive.

Bronx Pie will also have to compete with Giacomo’s and Campus Deli to win over Marist students.

Max SmithComment