Spring Break is a College Student’s Saving Grace

Photo courtesy: https://weather.com/en-GB/unitedkingdom/weather/news/britain-bask-three-months-good-weather

It has been 43 days since the semester started. By the time spring break finally rolls around it will be 52 days. Fifty-two days filled with waking up early, sitting through classes, staying up late doing homework, suffering through the rapid climate changes, and trying to balance life accordingly.

Some students thrive during the second semester. But if you are anything like me, the second semester is a countdown to spring break, then a countdown to summer. The fall semester at Marist College has a mid-semester break that only consists of a Friday off from classes and Thanksgiving break is meant to be spent with families.

But spring break is meant for friends. It is meant to be spent in a warm weather with friends, relaxing and making memories. Spring break is meant for students to leave all their work behind, their stress in the library, and rejuvenate for the next half the semester. By the time this is published there will be less than one week from spring break.

If you are wrapped in taking or studying for midterms, know your saving grace will be soon here. Stay strong kids.

Hannah KirkComment