Should Teachers Carry Concealed Weapons?

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In light of the recent and rapid increase of mass shootings, primarily following the school shooting in Parkland, FLA, a conversation has started that is rather opposite of the gun control discussion we are used to.

Should teachers carry a concealed weapon.

Currently, this has only be much of a discussion at the k-12 level, however, if  a policy is passed at that level, we would most likely see the policy extend to colleges and universities. On paper, it appears it would beneficial for the institution if some or all teachers are either allowed or required to carry a weapon. However, the issue can be deeper than if teachers could really act in a situation of an active shooter.

There would have to be discussion on who carries, do students know who do and do not, does the school pay for their training and weapon, where would that money come from, how would we ensure it would protect people rather than cause further harm.

In addition, another aspect to look at would be if only teachers could carry, or if security will as well, or even students. Marist is not  a closed campus, and anyone can walk on if they wished.

So is Marist really safe? Would concealed guns make it more safe? Let us know what you think and response to


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