Registration Process Problem Persists

Preparing for the end of a semester can be a daunting task for most college students. Classes become more rigorous, the excitement fades and the stress rises. Before you know it registration week begins to creep up.

One of the most stressful weeks of each semester is registration week. There is a 90 percent chance during this time of year you will see students running around with yellow override forms and determined faces. The process of registering is discussed every year by students and professors with how it can be improved.

On a credit-based system, freshman naturally struggle the most with selecting classes, especially if coming in with little-to-no credits. This results in a lack of efficiency because of the possible set back in a designed plan if certain prerequisite classes fill and a ripple effect is set in motion for the following years.

Marist created a new system which allows for students to select classes and instead of trying to
fit them together themselves, the system does it for you. While this doesn’t necessarily translate into the schedule you are bound to get, it allows for easier alternatives when classes capacity rates begins to climb.

So, how can the process be improved? Is this the best it can be given the circumstances? Everyone seems to know it is a problem, but finding a solution is seemingly harder than dealing with endless override forms and the unreliability of waking up at 6 a.m. in hopes of obtaining the perfect schedule. 

Gabby Pryor Comment