Why you should 'tri' Tri Sigma

The new academic year has arrived. Not only are students trying to get accustomed to their new schedule, they are also trying to find the right club to join. Marist College provides numerous clubs that a lot of students are interested in, but some students aren’t entirely sure which one is worth committing to. Here’s a suggestion for the female students on campus. Check out Tri Sigma!

Tri Sigma, also known as Sigma Sigma Sigma, is a National American women’s sorority that provides scholarship, programming, social, and service activities. It is an organization that can give you opportunities to better yourself by earning scholarships, attending events, socializing, practicing leadership, and being a part of a sisterhood that serves as a support system of your life.

Try Sigma is one of the largest Sororities at Marist. It is not just a group that consists of a lot of members, it is a group full of women who have each other‘s backs, they stay connected, and some serve as a leader when other members need someone to look up to, and someone to learn from. Everyone in the sorority knows each other because the individuals who are in charge of the sorority make sure they provide as many opportunities as needed to assure that everyone in the sorority is socializing and uniting. Tri Sigma is not just big in size they are big in love and support.

It is important for the women of Marist to understand the importance of Tri Sigma, and how being a member of the sorority can help you change your life for the better.

Tri Sigma is celebrating 120 years of sisterhood. The best way to celebrate and explain how great it is to be a member of the sorority is to learn about some of the Sigma girls themselves. Executive Board members Alexa Siciliano, Lauren Lacroix & Sydney Williams, along with general members Lindsay Barton, Emilie Hocter & Katie Alden and alumni members Brooke DiPalma & Monica Luisi will explain the nature of Tri Sigma and how great it is to be a member.

Executive board members

Alexa Siciliano

Siciliano is the Chapter President of Tri Sigma. Her position is mainly overseeing the officers and chairs and making sure they are all fulfilling their duties and being there for them if they need help. She also takes the lead in executive board meetings, help members engage in all activities, and serve as a main liaison between the Marist chapter of the sorority and Tri Sigma Nationals.

Siciliano enjoys being on the executive board because of her love of the sorority.

“Being on the executive board first and foremost requires a love and passion for Tri Sigma,” Siciliano said. She also admires the sorority’s “values, and what it stands for.”  

Siciliano believes that Tri Sigma is unique because of the bond between all of the members. According to Siciliano,  “There is no other organization that offers the love, support, and lifelong friendship that Sigma has. You walk into a room full of Sigmas and you can literally feel the warmth and kindness. Everyone is so unique and compassionate, and the fact that you know you can go to ANYONE for ANYTHING is so so special.”

“Greek life has a tough reputation and it is important for people to know about what one sorority at Marist is really like. The friendships we make in Sigma are not only valuable during our time at Marist, but the connections lead us to future jobs, future roommates all over the world, and future bridesmaids,” she says.

Sydney Williams

Williams is the treasurer of the sorority. Her job is to set the chapter’s budget each semester and decide how much dues will be.

Williams understands that the importance of being an executive board member includes being a good Williams believes that Tri Sigma is unique because of the fact that the women in the sorority know each other, even though Tri Sigma is one of the larger Sororities.

Tri Sigma gave Williams friends that she can call her sisters. According to Williams, they are the “the sisters,” she, “never had and,” her, “best friends for life.”

Lauren Lacroix

Lacroix is the educational director of the Sorority. Her job is to create presentations throughout the semester on a variety of education topics like careers, study tips, etc. it is also her job to make sure that everyone’s grades are solid and provide assistance if anyone has questions about tutors, classes, etc.. Lacroix enjoys being on the executive board because it involves leadership skills. Since it is the executive board’s job to look over and manage the main responsibilities of the sorority, it gives her a chance to understand what it’s like to be in charge.

Lacroix believes that what makes Tri Sigma unique is the variety of girls in the sorority. The members of the sorority come from different majors, countries, and backgrounds, but all of them come together for the sisterhood of Tri Sigma. According to Lacroix, “The close-knit sisterhood they have is what makes,” them very unique.”

“If anyone is thinking about joining Greek life definitely give it a shot. Recruitment is every February for sororities. Tri Sigma offers so many opportunities for leadership and involvement in both the community and on campus. It's also nice to see familiar faces everywhere on campus because of Sigma and developing lasting friendships.”

General Members

Katie Alden

Alden has always wanted to be a member of a sorority.  She grew up with two older brothers and she always wanted a sister. Alden wanted to be in a sorority because of the bon of its members, the connections you can make, and the community service aspect.

Alden is the Risk Manager of the sorority. It is her job to enforce the national policies and prevent risky behavior. Alden tries her very best to educate all members and make sure everyone is safe and that they make positive, and smart decisions.

As a member of Tri Sigma, Alden has taken advantage of the many opportunities that Tri Sigma has to offer. Alden is in contact with alumni students, which are Tri Sigma members. Her connections help her get internships in the fashion industry. Alden also went to the National Prevention Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. There she got the chance to interact with other Tri Sigma chapters.

“The special bond that we share. We all love each other and care for one another. The support system we have for each other is unreal. It cannot be made up even if we tried. We all just work together and care about Tri Sigma, Marist, and the community. We are all such strong women and are empowered to do great things in life,” Alden says.

Emilie Hocter

Emilie Hocter joined Tri Sigma because she wanted to branch out of her friend group and meet new people. Hocter is a hardworking student that takes full advantage of the opportunities that Tri Sigmas has to offer. She utilizes the connections that the sorority has in order to connect with or stay connected with alumni students that are Tri Sigma members. These are resources that can help the sisters that are student get jobs out of college. Hocter also went on to explain that the sorority can offer scholarships for members to apply to.

When asked about what makes Tri Sigmas unique, Emilie answered by explaining that the relationships that each of the sisters have made with each other are what make the sorority so special. She continued to explain that every girl in the sorority is there for you, to support you, and make sure that you’re it alone. You can always count on the sisters of the sorority to be there for you whenever you need help with school, or if you need advice. The members enjoy hanging out, and having sisterhood events. The sisters also enjoy empowering one another.

Emilie meeting her best friends is how Tri Sigma has changed her life. She has made such a strong friendship with her sisters, she can even see herself continuing the friendship with these individuals after college.

When asked to make an additional comment about how great it is to be a Tri Sigma member, Emilie had this to say,

“Marist Greek life is very different from Greek life at other schools. Many people may think that Greek life is stupid or a joke, but I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Marist.”

Lindsay Barton

Lindsay Barton rushed Tri Sigma during her freshman year of college. She rushed the sorority because she wanted to branch out and be a part of a team. This is because she has been involved in sports for her whole life. After the first night of recruitment, she fell in love with Sigma. She could tell there was something special as soon as she walked in the room. Everyone genuinely knew each other and like one another. She connected so well with everyone there.

Lindsay thinks that Sigma is unique because everyone in the sorority are friends. Everyone in Tri Sigma likes each other, and knows each other, and everyone comes together when they need each other.

When asked about how try Sigma changed her life, Lindsay had this to say,

“Sigma has given me some amazing people. I have met some truly amazing people and people I want to become. I have become a leader because of it and found where I belong in college.”

This sorority has given Lindsay people to look up to, and it has turned her into someone that the sisters can look up to. Lindsay has become a hard worker and a leader because of Tri Sigma.

Lindsay shows more of her gratitude to Tri Sigma in this final quote,

“I’m so happy I did it and I love the opportunities it gives me to be more social and more active at Marist. Also it has given me an opportunity to make an impact on the community by giving me volunteer opportunities and branching out and making me proud to be part of something good.”

Alumni Members

Brooke DiPalma

Brooke became a member of Tri-Sigma because when she walked into the room during recruitment, she could picture herself being a member of the sorority. During the recruitment process, the members all were so genuine and happy to get to know her.

Brooke has been able to do so many things thanks to Tri Sigma. Her favorite was when she had the chance to go to a national’s convention in Virginia. She found it so cool to see Tri Sigmas from across the east coast and hear about their chapters.

Brooke has been a mentor and a mentee during her time as a student. As a student and a member of the sorority, Brooke has always tried to help in any way possible. She has been mentored by so many members of Tri-Sigma. Whatever’s he needed, whether it be professionally or personally, Tri-Sigma girls would always have a listening ear, and incredible connections. For example, Brooke was an intern at Late Night with Seth Meyers because of a Sigma alumnae.

According to Brooke Tri Sigma is, “such a diverse group of girls that when we come together, we are unstoppable.”

Tri-Sigma has provided Brooke with confidence and a sense of sisterhood that she has become so grateful for. The girls in this sorority have helped me become the person she is today.

Monica Luisi

Monica became a member of Tri Sigma because she experienced a great deal of bullying during the first semester of her freshman year. The bullying became so bad, that she was contemplating on transferring out or taking her own life. She made the decision to help herself by joining the sorority so that she could change her life for the better.

Here is a recent quote from Monica Luisi herself,

“Every day I am so thankful for being part of something that I never had, true friendships and sisters.”

Because of choice that Monica made that semester, today she has so much more in her life to live for. She has a sisterhood that gives her love and friendship EVERYDAY.

Like her fellow sisters of the sorority Monica choose to help others as well. During her time on campus, Monica took advantage of everything that Tri Sigma had to offer. She participated in the children’s home’s activities and fundraisers on campus. Monica also served as a mentor for her fellow sisters. One of the girls she mentored even told that she was the reason why she joined the sorority. During Monica’s time on campus, she gave back because Tri Sigma gave her so much

Final quote from Monica

If I could do it all over again, I would. I recommend Tri Sigma to everyone who comes out for recruitment. They are just the nicest and most genuine girls I've ever met. I know when i graduate, being a part of Sigma is something I'm going to miss the most.

It’s important for the women of Marist to understand the importance of Tri Sigma, and how being a member of the sorority can help you change your life for the better. The members from the interviews have made it clear that if you are a member of the sorority, you will be treated with respect, you will receive plenty of opportunities, you will learn to be leader, and you will have a friend. As a member of Tri Sigma you will have a support system that will help you no matter what. Take advantage of the opportunity to join something big. Become sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Give it a Tri.


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