Dorm Etiquette 101: t’s probably your first time living on your own. Here’s our best advice

For many of you, college is probably the first time you are going to be sharing a room with someone for an extended period of time. While it can be hard at first and takes some time to adjust to the change in lifestyle, you will get used to it. The most important thing to remember in order to live harmoniously with your roommate or even with other people in your hall is to be respectful and courteous of others around you. However, and unfortunately, not everyone will be as courteous. Here are some tips to make sure you are not the one everyone hates living with. 

Marist already has ‘quiet hours’ which are enforced via the RA. Between certain hours of the week, you are expected to not be blasting music or bring too loud, as to avoid disturbing your neighbors. If you are being too loud during quiet hours, the RA will come and ask you to quiet down. If you do not and they can still hear you, or someone complains, the RA can come back and has the right to write you up for the noise. Therefore, it is best to just keep the noise levels down during quiet hours, which are later in the night and early in the morning. 

In regards to noise in relation to your roommate, have a discussion at the beginning of the year to set guidelines and expectations. For example, is it okay to be watching television with the sound out loud or listening to music with a speaker, or should headphones be used when both roommates are in the room. 

Aside from going from having your own room to sharing, going from sharing a bathroom with your siblings to sharing it with around 15 - 20 girls is also quit the adjustment. Be sure to always wear shower shoes, do not leave your products in the shower (unless you want them stolen) and if you know it is a busy time for the shower, be courteous with how long your shower is. 

I cannot stress this enough, always remember to take your dorm key with you to the shower, or have a clear understanding with your roommate on leaving the door unlocked when either one of you are in the bathroom. 

One of the best things you can do during the first few weeks of college is leave your door open. Not only are the rooms insanely hot, and leaving the door open will help with the circulation, but it will help you make friends. People may be walking the halls and what to stop in to see how you set up your room, or they may just stop in to introduce themselves. I left my door open the first week, and that was how I met my best friend, turn roommate, turn housemate. 

To reiterate, the most important thing to remember in order to successfully transition into dorm style living is to always be courteous. If you are doing something that would bother you if someone else was doing it, maybe not do it.

Hannah KirkComment