Album Review: Ula Ruth's “Don’t Lose the Room”

New York-based band Ula Ruth is riding the rollercoaster that is the indie rock scene, and it doesn’t seem to be getting off any time soon. Comprised of vocalist Nic James, guitarist Andrew LeCoche, bassist Kevin Clymer, and drummer Tom Cordell, the band’s most recent release demonstrates a well-established sound associated with Ula Ruth alone, while simultaneously highlighting their additional musical influences within each individual track.  

On Oct. 5, the band’s 11-track LP, “Don’t Lose the Room,” was released. The first single from the album, “Just A Feeling,” sets the tone for a record comprised of a unique sound, as well as the distinguishable influences of some of indie rock’s greatest. After listening to the album in its entirety, it is seemingly the perfect equation: it’s made up of the right amount of grunge, similar to that of the Arctic Monkeys 2013 hit album “AM”, mixed with a hint of The Killers. Ula Ruth’s very own underground alternative rock band persona comes into itself with each passing track.

The ninth track, titled “The City,” is a personal favorite. Try and picture yourself in the crowded audience of a concert, screaming the lyrics to a song at the top of your lungs: “The City” is what should be playing. This tune takes an approach similar to The Killers’ “When You Were Young,” one of those songs you can’t help but feel alive listening to. The elements of the track, from the guitar to the drums, build up to a powerful chorus that’s accentuated by James’ impressive vocals, making for one of those rare listening experiences.  

“Just A Feeling” takes a different approach that somehow still elicits the same type of experience. With a bit of a darker foundation than that of “The City, “Just a Feeling” exudes the frustration that comes with moving on from past relationships. One of the things that Ula Ruth is able to do most effectively is create a sense of individuality between each song. While the sounds that resemble that of their musical inspirations are often clear, it’s almost as if each track is a tiny parcel wrapped in a box, set aside from the previous one. All 11 songs maintain their own distinct character, yet somehow complement each other in the most harmonious way.

“Don’t Lose the Room”can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. After a release show held at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY, alongside the Foxy Johnstons earlier this month, it seems that by the looks of it, Ula Ruth is just getting started.

Raquel LekicComment