The Coffee Champion: Library vs Hancock

College campuses worldwide function on caffeine; this can include coffee, teas, and energy drinks. Marist College is no different. The cafés on campus are what keep the students on their toes and alert to take on the day. The brews accommodate students with different types of caffeine-needs with a variety of teas and coffees.

Marist college currently has two Starbucks on campus for students to get their boost of energy. In a survey of 192 students conducted through the Instagram of Student Activities,  83% of students stated that they preferred Hancock and 17% students stated that they preferred the Library.

Business student Santos Norales states that he goes to Hancock because, “When I go to Hancock, I feel like I am in a professional place, so I feel more compelled to do work and be productive.The coffee is very good and Suzanne is always playing music, [so] it is heartwarming and loving when you receive your coffee.”

The Hancock Brew and the Library Brew both serve coffee, tea, cappuccinos, espresso, pastries, and more. The pastries are made by the Marist Dining Bakery staff. Hancock participates in the Starbucks Shared Planet Program that ensures that their coffee is purchased from fairtrade and organic coffees.The coffee that is purchased through the program funds the community that Marist College serves in.

Sophomore Abigail Skinner says, “For me it is just convenience, so I usually go to whatever is closest. It is really nice to have one [Starbucks] next to the library when you are studying, but Hancock has baristas [Suzanne] who are always so pleasant and ask about your day.”

According to Marist students, Suzanne is one of the main reasons why they prefer Hancock over the Library. Suzanne is the barista who works on campus in Hancock; she plays music while she makes coffee and teas and can serve forty-five people within an hour. She has been working for Sodexo for 11 years and has been working in Hancock for about seven years.

“I love my job; most people wake up and do not look forward to go to work, but I wake up and look forward to being here,” says Suzanne.

Between the online poll and overall feedback, Marist students generally prefer the Hancock Brew to the Library Brew. However, that’s not to say that the Library Brew isn’t popular with its prime location just steps away from one of the most caffeine-inducing spots on campus.

Aliyah WilsonComment