Marist Circle Cribs - 'Lil Seed’ on East Cedar

From practicing yoga on the roof to having taco nights with friends, Marist seniors Sierra Lesiak, Caity Mannino, Megan Knutson and Allie Fine have made their college house into a home, to say the least.

This tiny brick house sits at the end of East Cedar Street, around the corner from dining hotspots like Touch of Naples Pizza and Shelly’s Deli. And it has a personality of its own. “I think made our house to be the house we wanted to find freshman year,” Mannino said. “We always wanted our house to have a vibe where everyone was chill and non-judgy.”

Caity Mannino

Caity Mannino

Tell us about your decorations. 

From colorful psychedelic paintings to a giant poster of boyband, One Direction, the decorations cater to the girls’ eclectic styles. “We all paint and draw. We love cool and kind of trippy posters,” Knutson said, pointing to a series of colorful posters and tapestries hanging in the living room.

“Our creative throw up is all over the walls,” Mannino laughed. “Anything we fun that we find, we’ll basically find a way to make it part of the house.”

Sierra Lesiak

Sierra Lesiak

Lesiak points to the wall on the far left, collaged with magazine cut-outs. “This is all random stuff that people left in our house — a Pokemon card, some lost Marist IDs. You know, the necessities.”

What are your neighbors like?

It’s the girls’ second year in the house, and by now, they’ve gotten to know their neighbors. 

“Hank lives across the street. One day, it was snowing really hard outside and our friends were watching our neighbor across the street having a tough time shoveling,” Mannino said. “They go over there to help him shovel, and like an hour later we get a knock on the door — and its him coming to say thank you, with three rotissere chickens from Stop and Shop, and he was like ‘You guys looked hungry, here, have these chickens!’” 

“The ADP guys used to live across the street last year. They named their house ‘Big Seed’ and we named ours ‘Lil Seed,’” said Lesiak. Their house even has its own Instagram page to showcase the girls’ daily endeavors, @welcometolilseed.

Do you have any particular house-hobbies?

“Sometimes we do yoga on the roof,” said Lesiak. From burning incense to painting together in the living room, this group of roommates has mastered an artistic and inviting house-vibe.

“We love making music videos and taking a ton of pictures,” Knutson said. “We did a music video to Gucci Gang once.”

What is a song on your house’s typical soundtrack?

“I think it’s Bestie by Bhad Bhabie. We go hard to that with all our friends,” said Lesiak.

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