Students React to New Student Body President, VP

Following the announcement of Joseph Sarci and Roda Mohamed being voted to the 2019-2020 Student Body President and Vice President positions, chatter of numerous viewpoints filled the what would have been silent Cabaret.

Prior to the release of the results, Elections Commissioner Erin Eldridge ’21 stated that over 2,100 students on campus voted in the elections. She spoke to a room packed by approximately 100 individuals, all eager to hear the outcome.

“Honestly my jaw dropped,” said Claudiette McCullers ’19. “I didn’t expect it, I really didn’t. But I think that they won fair and square, so I can’t be too bitter about it. It is my campus too, gotta support their decisions for the rest of us.”

Numerous students at the event expressed their connections and favorability towards the winning campaign, especially for the new Executive Vice President.

“I did vote for Roda and Joe because Roda is an international student,” said Franciluz Lizardo ’22. “I felt connected to her because she has a different culture and she can integrate that into the school.”

“I know Roda personally and I think Roda is going to do a really great job. I just hope she has an equal opportunity to make change on this campus being the vice president and not the president,” said Marika Cygert ’20, who originally backed the Pam and Lou campaign. “[But] I also think that Joe is going to do his best and I believe in both the President and the VP.”

Even among all the excitement, however, some were left disappointed by the results.

“I've seen [John Sasso’] leadership being put into effect as captain of our ultimate Frisbee team,” said Guido Aresi ’20. “I honestly did not look into the other candidates very much simply because I felt confident that Mark and John would be a perfect match for the position, as I've seen both of them in leadership positions and excel at them.”

Henry Pratt ’19 expressed a similar sentiment.

He said, “People just don’t realize how great [Mark Palmer] is. Mark enjoys immense popularity among those who know him. I just don’t think the campus gave him a chance fully.”

Whether the candidates the students voted for won or lost, several listed issues such as priority points, sexual assault awareness and prevention, mental health on campus, and expanded efforts to bring white students to cultural events as the priorities the Sarci and Mohamed administration should focus on.

“They have to be a force that can unite [students], create forums for students to be able to express their emotions, and also be able to foster forums for students,” said Dolce. “Giving that platform for students to express themselves while also being able to ignite that activism, that spirit, that passion, that fire, they have to ignite students.”

Alexandria WattsComment