EMT Program Refines Rough Patches Before Re-Launch

Following the launch of a student run, security assisted EMT program on campus, a brief two week hiatus will take place in order to fix issues.

“Right now we’re taking a two to three week break,” Justin DiBiase ‘19, vice president of Safety and Security for the the Student Government Association said.

The three weeks that the program ran brought out multiple technical issues that needed to be addressed prior to the full launch of the program. Bylaws needed to be amended, equipment need to be restocked and a space for EMTs needs to be addressed.

While the program did have to shut down temporarily, DiBiase views this as a valuable time to be able to adjust and improve the program itself.

“For the most part its [the program] been working, and it's been accomplishing our goal of just trying to reduce the amount of times the fire department comes to transport students,” DiBiase said.

An aspect that hindered the immediate flourishing of the program was a fundamental issue that plagued the organizers since the beginning - transportation.

Initially, DiBiase believed the security office would be able to provide a golf cart for the squads to quickly get around. But after one needing maintenance and others out to various departments, they were left with no transportation.

“Athletics was really vital here,” DiBiase said in regards to the golf cart they were allowed to use from the athletics department. However, additional issues may still arise.

“Currently it’s just on loan from athletics, so if something happens to it, or it goes out of service for whatever reason, you know we’re kinda walking,” DiBiase said.

An additional issue presented was what the squads would do when they are on duty, but are not out on active calls.

“Being on call from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., it gets kind of boring for the most part, if we’re just sitting around,” DiBiase said.

DiBiase and the EMT program members came up with a simple solution, but would need an adjustment within the bylaws.

“We worked out in the bylaws if the students live on campus, they can go back to their dorm room, park the golf cart outside and secure the equipment, then they can go in their dorm and relax a little,” DiBiase said.

While the program is in hibernation for the remaining weeks on campus, the executives in the organization will be hard at work relaunching the program and sustaining it well into the following academic year.

The program is always looking to grow, in any area. While the name of this organization is primarily about EMT’s, DiBiase wants to assure students of all majors can take part in various aspects.

“We’re looking to not just expand the amount of members we have, but were also looking to expand the hours and the types of things that we’re doing,” DiBiase said.

The services the program wants to offer reach beyond just Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights out; EMT’s will also be available to large gatherings on campus such as graduation or sporting events, saving the college money and expenses.  

Students have been dedicated to making this program a success, according to DiBiase. “Every student who’s in the program right now has been waiting for this since they first heard about it. They’re very eager, they’re always asking for updates, trying to see how to get involved, how they can help.”

DiBiase is graduating following this semester, but hopes that positive efforts like the EMT program carry on far past his graduation date.

Kenneth GuillaumeComment