Terrorist Attacks In Kabul Leaves US Concerned about Two Terrorist Organizations

Photo Source: Associated Press

Since the rise of ISIS, the United States has not seen much conflict from the Taliban in recent years. It was believed the power increase of ISIS was a result of the power decrease of other terrorist organizations. However, on Jan. 27, the Taliban responded to growing pressures from ISIS and detonated a bomb hidden in an ambulance, in the center of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul. So far over 100 people have died, and more than 234 are seriously injured as a result.

According to NBC News, the Taliban has been willing to negotiate for peace over the past few years, in order to impose Sharia Law in Afghanistan. By creating an unofficial embassy located in Qatar, the Taliban appear to be moving tactics and waiting for the United States to completely withdraw troops from the area.

However, following the election of President Donald Trump, there has been a rapid increase of weapons dropped in Afghanistan in 2017 compared to those in 2016 and 2015.

"The Military dropped 3,554 weapons against the Taliban as of Oct. 31 - already nearly three times the 1,337 dropped in 2016 and nearly four times as the 947 fired in 2015."

Since December  2017, ISIS has had a number of attacks in Kabul. The Taliban felt pressure to respond, warning the United States and other terrorist organization they are just as  strong of a force as they once were.

The Department of Defense has decided to withhold  information on casualties and progress the United States has made in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.  These heightened attacks raise concerns, following a speech  given by the Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, late 2017, that broke a long-standing silence.

The United States has been fortunate over the past few months, with ISIS and the Taliban being rather quiet in regards to conflict between the United States and ISIS. However, al Baghdadi has made it clear during his speech in late 2017 that it would not matter how weakened his forces are, they will not give up their goal. The United States cannot become comfortable because the violence has subsided for us, but  for many other nations, and for hundreds and thousands of innocent men, women, and children, violence surrounds them and is now a normal aspect of their day.


Hannah KirkComment